Monday, November 9, 2015


As I update my tehillim list of Israelis wounded from arab terror attacks my only thought is..why is this list is getting longer and longer. Why isn’t anyone doing more to put an end to arab terror for once and for all?


In an article on Israel National News  MDA workers saved the lives of 159 people who were wounded in car attacks, stabbings, and shootings. Of these, 21 were severely wounded, 5 moderately-to-severely, 22 moderately, and 111 lightly wounded. These numbers include 51 people who were injured in rock attacks. Another 72 people have been treated for trauma. 

A young Border Police Officer, 19 years old, wounded last week in a car ramming attack at Tzomet Halhoul near Hevron, died last night from his injuries. He is the 12th fatality since October when this round of terror started.. May his blood be avenged!.  

This brings the death toll to 12. 

I know that the world revolves around politics and concessions are made all the time.  I always thought elected leaders and their government are supposed to protect their citizens. This is their first responsibility.  

We have a ‘right wing’ government, a very strong army and still the terror continues day in and day out.

We are treating terrorists with kid gloves. True, the IDF now has orders to shoot to kill terrorist when they commit a terror act and many terrorists have been killed or seriously injured. Even this is not deterring the terrorists.

Lately, we have seen many women terrorists.  Why? Because male terrorists are really cowards. They use their wives, sisters and even grandmothers as human shields. They plan the attacks, teach their women how to perform and then send her out to do a terror attack and be killed by the IDF. All the while they ‘hide behind the woman’s skirt’ and collect the bundle of money.

We need our courts to protect Israelis, not the terrorists. Terrorist's homes must be destroyed immediately. Social government benefits must be stopped. Arab movement within the country must be curtailed, even for those with Israeli identity papers. 

I want our government not to care about what the world says. I want them to apply sovereignty in Yehuda and Shomron. Let the world know this land is our land not arab land.  And if the world wants to scream at us, so be it. 

I’m not a political maven and I don’t pretend to have the answer. All I have are my prayers.

I’m a wife, a mother and a safta of 13 precious Sabra grandchildren and I worry about their future.

I pray that Hashem give our leaders the wisdom and the strength to protect our nation. May He watch over all our chayalim and chayalot and keep them safe.

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  1. No further comment but you've said it all, well, as usual. Thank you!

  2. Well said. Most feel just like you. I believe it will stop when Israelis become more violent which is understandable but sad.

  3. Miriam as usual you have said what we all are thinking and saying every Day.

  4. Beautifully written.

    Miriam Esther

  5. I agree with everything you said Miriam.


  6. Miriam: I pray for the safety of our people.most terrorists seem to be young. Parents should be held accountable for these terrorist act and should face heavy penalties. Other, adult terrorists, should be eliminated and not just injured. I understand the Knesset is mulling the idea of preventing terrorists reviewing" salarie" in prison. Any injuries to Israelis or damage should be paid with money's directed to terrorist. I don' know if that will discourage or eliminate these terrorist attacks but it would be a start. Destroying their homes will also be a painful reminder that perhaps their homes or their parents homes are too valuable to be destroyed. May all Am Israel stay safe.

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