Monday, April 29, 2013

Mitzvah Gadolah! A Beautiful Gift.......

As I have written many times, my family and I live on a yishuv, in the South of Israel, in the Western Negev. Our area has been the recipient of Grad missiles fired by Hamas in order to kill, maim and injure as many Israelis as possible. I have posted many blogs describing life in the South and living with rockets. Have a look at my archives.

In my area we have 15 seconds to seek shelter. Within the Gaza belt, citizens have only 7 seconds.

Since 1992, the government of Israel has enacted a law that all buildings, commercial and residential have a mamad, but what about older buildings, residential and ganim [kindergartens] and schools.

Yesterday afternoon, my daughter Devorah, three of her children and I had the pleasure of being invited by our friend, Yocheved Golani, a freelance journalist covering the event, to be present when two very special organizations, United With Israel and Operation Lifeshield, donated two portable shelters to Be’er Miriam a gan in Netivot. The preschool children learn in caravans, not permanent classrooms.

Who is United With Israel? Their mission statement says: Our mission is to foster worldwide unity with the People, Country and Land of Israel and to demonstrate how Israel is a great source of blessing to the world. By distributing timely information, initiating pro-Israel advocacy, introducing innovative Israeli products to the global market and donating greatly needed funds money to vital charities, we strive to broaden the worldwide network of Israel supporters and promote the urgency and privilege of standing United with Israel.   

The mission statement from Operation Lifeshield says: Operation Lifeshield in an emergency campaign to save innocent lives by providing Israel’s threatened communities with the protected air raid shelters they so desperately need.

On a side note, Moetzi Shabbat, when children and adults were outside, having fun celebrating Lag B’Omer, three grad missiles were fired towards Netivot. There was a Tzava Adom [incoming warning siren].

The grads landed in a moshav. Fortunately there were no physical injuries...but just take a second to imagine the panic when parents didn’t know where their children were and children couldn’t find their parents. This, the media called no injuries. Panic is an injury! 

The donation of these shelters was a Mitzvah Gadolah, a beautiful gift! To the founders of these organizations, and the people who donated their time and money to purchase shelters and support the many other wonderful projects, I applaud you and say TODA RABA! Your generosity will save lives. 

This is a very brief write-up of United With Israel and Operation Lifeshield. Yocheved will be writing an in-depth article. As soon as it is live, I will share the URL of her feature. 
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