Thursday, May 9, 2013

Did we Waste our Votes?

This morning [May 9th] the following headline appeared online on, Arutz 7 site.

Bennett: 100% Behind Lapid, No Matter What [link below]

Yair Lapid is Israel's finance minister. He is proposing a new budget with several serious cuts in benefits and increasing the VAT [value added tax] to 18%. He now wants to add the VAT to fruits and vegetable. Produce has always been non taxed.

In the last election, my family voted for Naftali Bennett's party Bayit Yehudi. My friends told me we were making a mistake, and wanted us to vote for the other right wing party. We had some very lively discussions on FaceBook pro and con.

Bennett’s position really bothered me and so I posted a note his Face Book page. 

This is what I wrote:

If this headline is true, you will not get another vote from my family.

We are pensioners who like many seniors live on a fixed income. Raising the VAT to 18% is going to hurt. Chopping the child family allowance is dreadful, and adding 18% VAT to basic daily..fruits and vegetables is immoral. Most people use their family allowance to help pay for grocery and school bills [tuition, clothes]. The average family will not be able to buy fruits and vegetables for their children. Fruits and vegetable promote good health. Adding the VAT to hotels will keep many tourist away and that will hurt our economy. The domino effect, employees will loose their jobs, putting more people to seek unemployment benefits. MK Bennett, we didn't vote for you to team up with Yair Lapid..He says, "I'm not my father" the truth is he is worse than his father..his father went through hell and back, what's Lapid's excuse..I'll tell you, he is an elitist who doesn't live from pay check to pay check and doesn't care about families that do..We didn't vote for you to be the anti haredi spokes person..some of your comments leave me shaking my head. We voted for you, because you said you would protect Eretz Yisrael...Bibi is calling for a building freeze in Yehuda, Shomron and East Jerusalem. Why aren't you screaming "NO, NOT ON MY WATCH!" Up to now, your actions have made me very sorry I wasted my vote on your party...  
If you feel the same way as I do about Bennett's policies, tell him. Post a note on his FaceBook page.
Feel free to comment and share. 
Shabbat Shalom