Sunday, November 15, 2009

Nachas From Our Eyniklekh..........

My husband and I have been blessed with twelve precious grandchildren. Each child shines in their own way. Our youngest girls, Neta 2 1/2 and Chen 5, both have curly hair, a smile from ear to ear and eyes that twinkle. Neta plays at home and Chen is in Gan Hova. Chenny has an opinion on every topic with the volcabulary skills to be able to express her opinions.



Our loveable Oshri 5, is going on 25. Ever since he was a baby, Oshri has been very independent. The things he does by himself are unbelievable. Oshri is very capeable of making himself a sandwich, pouring himself a drink and then putting his dirty dishes in the sink. Oshri is in Gan Hova on his Kibbutz. Oshri is as sweet as sugar and he always has a smile on his face. Oshri loves to answer and speak on the phone.


I can't believe that come September, Neta will start gan and Chen and Oshri will go to kita aleph [grade one]. Time goes to fast..............

Our youngest grandson Nadav turned 4 on the second of Cheshvan. Nadav is a very sweet little boy who has a fascination for swords. Whenever you see Nadav, he has his precious sword tucked into the back of his shirt. I don't really know why he has this passion, but when his sword broke a couple of days before his birthday, the only gift that Saba and Safta could natually buy was a new sword.

Saba went shopping and found a Ninja sword set. A long sword, a short sword and two [I don't really know what they are] funny looking swords and a sword holder for his arm. Not my type of gift, but I guess a great gift for a 4 year old.

Our granddaughter Bat-El 16, is our oldest granddaughter. She attends the Ulpana in Even Shmuel and is the challah maker of the family. Bat-El makes the best challah. Each Friday, when she is home from the Ulpana, you will find Bat-El in the kitchen creating beautiful challot. When she has a Shabbat Ulpana, Bat-El makes a double batch the previous week and freezes the challah. This way her family can still enjoy her challot. Bat-El's challot are so sweet and yummy, you just can't stop eating.


Talia is 7 and is in kita bet [grade 2] at Noam Tushia in Kfar Maimon. Talia is as sweet as they come. Her mother says the best way to describe Talia is her willingness to help. Talia doesn't have to be asked, when something has to be done, Talia is there to do it.


Adi is 8 and is in kita gimmel[grade 3] at Noam Tushia in Kfar Maimon. Adi loves to draw. A few weeks ago, Adi had a drawing published in Makor Rishon.[see the blog's label list to see Adi's picture.] Adi is very responsible and will look after her little sister Neta when her mother is busy.


I have a cute story about Talia and Adi. The other day, I invited everyone for supper. My children decided to turn the supper into a surprise birthday party for me. My birthday was last week.

Talia and Adi wanted to buy their own present. They went to the markolet [grocery store] on their yishuv [community] and picked out a gift. The girls were on a 'budget'. They saw something and ran home to tell their mother what they wanted to buy and what it costs. She said that the gift was too much money and they should go and look again.

Back to the markolet they went and this time they chose three little red, orange and yellow pepper shape spice bottles. They ran back home and told their mother what they saw and the cost. She agreed and gave them money. They went back to the store, made their purchase, came home and made a gift box and each made a beautiful card. This gift is precious. I told the girls that I put salt into one of their bottles and it will sit proudly on the Shabbat table.

Safta with Bat-El, Adi & Talia and the gift.

By the way, I received beautiful cards from all my grandchildren and from my children and their families the most beautiful pair of long hanging silver earrings and a matching bracelet.

Itamar is 12 and is very sensitive and caring. Itamar loves to read and always has a book in his hand. He likes to speak English to me, something he does very well. Itamar is in kita zain [grade 7] at Reshit in Gush Etzion, a wonderful school that intergrates both " normal " and special children. Itamar is very helpful in school and helps with the four special children in his class. G-D willing, we will celebrate Itamar's Bar-Mitzvah after Pesach.


Dvir who is 9, also attends 'Reshit' and is in kita daled [grade4]. Dvir has a quiet nature. He loves to read and scoot around on his skateboard. Dvir has a warm smile. He too is trying to speak and understand English. Dvir is showing that he has artisic talents. In art class, Dvir made a beautiful picture of trees and animals by cutting, rolling and curling paper. This year, Dvir was able to go to B'nei Akiva, something that he is very excited about.


Our grandson Gilad 12, attends Yashlatz [the junior high school of Mercas HaRav] and is in kita zain [grade 7]. A couple of weeks ago, his teacher asked a question in Navi.Gilad answered the question correctly, so his teacher asked him another question. This back and forth went on for almost the whole lesson. When Gilad came home on Friday, he showed his parents the certificate of merit that he received from the Yeshiva. It stated that his knowledge and participation in the class had increased the level of the class. G-D willing, we will celebrate Gilad's Bar Mitzvah next October.


Michael 15, attends the Yeshiva in Suissa and is in kita yud[grade 10]. Michael is definitely his own person. His mother said you can write a book about Michael. He is a madrich [counselor] in B'nei Akiva, a job he takes with a great deal of responsibility. Michael loves to go on field trips and he loves to tremp [hitchhike] home from Yeshiva, no matter how many buses pass. Michael is very kind. Once when I was visiting, Michael wanted to have french fries. He peeled and cut up a couple of potatoes and decided to fry them up with his own recipe. He fried the potatoes with a chopped onion and garlic. When he was finished frying, his snack smelled and looked delicious.


Yoni, who is almost 19 is our oldest grandchild. He is learning in a Hesdar Yeshiva in Holon. Yoni is very artistic and talented. He has made huge wall puzzles, a giraffe and an elephant from things that he has found around the house. Over the past weeks, Yoni carved out from wood
all the pieces for a chess set. He then painted each piece either white or black and gave each a coat of lacquer. He found a board to make the game base, painted it and 'viola' a beautiful game.


and his chess set

his giraffe

his elephant

As you can see, we have pretty terrific grandchildren [I'm not prejudiced] to be very proud of. May Hashem guide each of them to be the best possible person they can be. And to their parents, Naomi, Eliezer, Devorah and Hagai, all we can say is thank-you for giving us wonderful eyniklekh to brag about!
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Safta Miriam