Wednesday, March 3, 2010


The Third Generation                 

The elderly woman
sits by herself
eagerly waiting
for the phone to ring.

The chime clock
minute by minute
but still
the phone
doesn't ring.

In her younger days
while raising her family
a devoted mother she was
making sure
the needs of her children
and family
always came first.

But now
the children are grown
with families of their own.
Their lives
are so busy
there is just no time
for them
to pick up the phone.

The loneliness she feels...
where did I go wrong
is my usefulness really gone?
These are her constant thoughts
as the tears
run down her winkled face.

There's a knock on the door
slowly she gets up to answer
her daughter is standing there
with hands filled
with a beautiful bouquet.

"Hi Mom," she says
"thought I would surprise you
and drop in to say hello.
I saw these beautiful flowers
and I know how much
you love flowers."

"Let's have some tea
I have some thoughts
I want to share with you."

"Your grandchildren are wonderful
and miss you so much.
They want to know why
you live alone
and they never get to see you."

"Mom, as a family
we made a decision
to ask you to come
and live with us."

"We have plenty of room
so you can have your own space
but you never
have to be
alone again."

"So what do you say?
Hope it will be yes.
You can move in
whenever you wish."

"Mom, we love you so much
it would be our honour and privilege
to have you grace our home.
So will you say yes?"

With tears streaming down their faces
both mother and daughter

"If you are sure
it won't be a problem
and I won't be under foot
the honour will be all mine."

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