Sunday, January 1, 2012

And so Goes the News............

There are times that I wish I lived in a bubble…. never listening to the news, checking out news sites on the internet or reading the newspaper.

The news all around us is so horrible. Just this morning, I read about a demonstration the haredim organized Moetzi Shabbat protesting that the media is unfair to them.

Baruch Hashem, in Israel, if you have a cause and think your treatment is unfair you have the right to demonstrate. But, and there is a big but….why did they have to come out to the demonstration wearing large yellow stars on their clothes and their children decked out in stripped uniforms of nazi prisoners?

Do they think Israel is nazi Germany?. Do they think that the nazis would have allowed them to demonstrate the unfair treatment Jews were receiving on Hilter’s orders?
I wonder how brave these demonstrators would be if they lived during the war and had to really wear the yellow star. Sure they would be singing a different tune.

Shame on them.... what a chillul Hashem to the memory of Jews who were murdered for no other reason than they were Jews.

This nonsense blackened the good name of so many haredi individuals and groups who do so much for the Israeli population.  Zaka, Ezer Mizion, the countless numbers of gemachim and the list goes on.

Other news items today that got my goat. A Quebec City mayor, known for anti-Israel remarks, proclaimed in a television interview that Israel has no right to exist.

A community police unit in Kiryat Gat was burned down Saturday night and so far no one has taken credit for the arson. Wonder if it was a terror act?

Mortars are still landing in the south and over 3,000 illegal aliens mostly Africans infiltrated into Israel via Sinai in December. Why is the border open in Sinai and why aren’t we deporting them?

I have to agree with my friend Yocheved Miriam Russo who commented on one of my Facebook posting Some days it hardly pays to get up and read the news, y'know?”

We are living in difficult times in Israel.  Our cousins want to destroy us. They send rockets to our cities and towns. Their goal is to kill and injure as many Jews as possible. We have helicopters, drones constantly. It is such a piety that we the Jewish people..Hashem’s chosen people can not get along.

A Jew is a Jew…nobody has stamped on their forehead.. I am left, right, religious, haredi or secular. If you are born to a Jewish mother [or converted according to halacha] you are a Jew. We need, no we must learn to all get along.

It is bad enough that our enemies want to destroy us, let’s not destroy ourselves.

Thank-you for allowing me to sound off.....feel free to comment and pass around.

Have a great week…  



According to an interview the founder of Zaka, Yehuda Meshi-Zahav gave to Israel Radio’s Reshet Bet Radio on Sunday afternoon, the hooligans are from the Neturei Karta sect who are now known as sikrikim.

Meshi-Zahav explained that these people are simply getting away with too much, and they are granted too much media coverage.

To read the entire interview The Yeshiva World