Saturday, January 24, 2009

Shavua Tov!

Thank-You IDF

A ceasefire has been called. Our troops have left Gaza and have been redeployed on the Israeli side of Gaza or / and are returning to their loved ones. I am so proud of our soldiers. They did a magnificent job.

Our reservists, when called upon to serve their country, once again did so with pride. They dropped everything in their private lives and went to war.

Two soldiers were given time to get married and to return the next day. One young soldier became a father for the first time. He too was given some hours to go and visit his wife and new son and then eight days later returned for the bris.

To the soldiers who were injured, I wish you all a refua shelayma.

You should know that the residents of the South are grateful for your service. Hopefully we will now have some quiet and life can return to normal.

Our army is a Jewish army with a heart and compassion.

I wrote a little poem to thank our pilots and soldiers.......

Thank-you dear soldiers & pilots
of the Israel Defense Forces.

for your service
in defending our nation.

Thank-you dear reservist
for answering the call
to serve
so that our country will not fall.

To those who so bravely
fought the war in Gaza
our prayers were with you
for success and good health.

The Hand of the One Above
watched over you
night and day
to complete your goals
and return you safely to your family.

Click and listen to this video from all places the BBC. The interviewee is speaking about the IDF in glorifying words and will not let the interviewer speak badly about the IDF.

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