Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Mazal-Tov To Us..........

Tonight and tomorrow on the Hebrew calendar, 17th of Sivan is Avraham and my forty-fifth wedding anniversary.

The secular date is later this month, June 25th. We were married at the Young Israel of Chomedey, just outside of Montreal, on a warm Sunday evening. During the day it rained and rained. My aunt told me the rain was showering us with Brachot.

By the time my parents and I left our house to go to the shul, the rain stopped and the sun came peeking through.

We had a beautiful, fairytale wedding with no detail left out. The shul was decorated with flowers, ribbons and candles. We were the first wedding in the shul’s new sanctuary.

I would like to share some pictures with you.

After the chuppah
Sheva Brachot
Yummy sweet table
Our entire mishpacha today.




 Thinking back over the years I wonder………………. 
Who would have thought forty-five years ago, that Avraham and I would grow from the two of us to Baruch Hashem a family of 20? Who would have thought forty-five years ago, that six of our thirteen grandchildren are tenth generation Israeli? Who would have thought forty-five years ago that our entire family would be settled in Israel? Certainly not me!

I like to take pictures and sometimes I can ‘over do’ it and be a pain. But when anyone complains that I know what they look like, I always tell them the pictures are not for today but for tomorrow for the future generation.

This morning, I was looking though our wedding album for a couple of pictures to include with this posting. There were so many pictures of family members and family friends who have passed away. Our dear parents a”h are gone. Looking at my pictures, remembering and smiling, I realize how true my belief of pictures for tomorrow really is.

Over the years we certainly had our ups and downs. But truthfully, we have been truly blessed.

May Hashem continue to bless and watch over our family.

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