Sunday, December 9, 2012

Showing Solidarity With the South........


Today, 13 ladies traveled to Netivot from all over our country, to show solidarity with Southern residents. These women are part of ‘Coffee Talk’, a closed Face Book group.  

Please read my blog...Even Face Book can be Kosher..... to learn the story
behind 'Coffee Talk'.

There are five Southern belles who live in Ma’agalim, Netivot and Beer Sheva. The women who took the time and made the effort to join our face to face lunch came from Netanya, Jerusalem, Elon Moreh, Shilo, Maale Adumim Gush Etzion and Bet Shemesh. They came by car, train, bus, and Sherut [private mini bus]. 

Living in the South, I want to tell my friends, how much I appreciated your effort and enjoyed spending the day you. You are always welcomed in my neck of the woods.    

The weather was beautiful. We met in the center of Netivot and walked, talked, laughed and shopped along the way to our last stop, Greg’s Café. 

When passing a portable bomber shelter, since most of the ladies had never seen one, they were anxious to enter and were amazed with the idea and size. Batya stretched out her arms from one side to the other. This was the width.  

Arriving at the Cafe we met up with the rest of our group. The Cafe had set a long table with a pink tablecloth on a private patio for us. 
We enjoyed a delicious lunch with super service. As a surprise, Hadassa, who makes beautiful hand made beaded jewelry, brought necklaces and earrings that she made and said they were for sale with all money going a needy bride's fund in Netivot. We were also treated to a lesson on making jewelry.

Devorah, thank-you for organizing the Café and thank-you Rachel for sending out the invitations and keeping track of who was and wasn’t coming. We missed you.

I am honored to have met these wonderful, talented women. May we have many more outings together.

I want to wish a Refu'a Shelayma to the ladies, who wanted to join us, but were under the weather.

Chanukah Sameach!

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