Wednesday, October 16, 2013

It's My Birthday........


According to our teachings, the Jewish day starts at sunset and continue until sunset the following day. And so this evening, yud gimmel Cheshvan [13th] and all day tomorrow is my birthday. The secular date is in November.  

I am thankful Hashem has given me another full year of good health, happiness, parnass and nachas from my children and grandchildren. What more do I need? 

Our birthday date is a special day...after all we were born on this date... I often wonder if I’m fulfilling my purpose on earth. Am I the type of person Hashem created me to be? I hope so, but I don’t really know the answer.

The internet was a wonderful invention. It allows you to socialize, learn and connect. I have found some lost relatives and friends. I would never have been able to start writing as a hobby and get published without it. It gave me a new type of freedom.

When researching for this blog about Jewish birthdays, I came across this description of ‘What is a Jewish birthday’. 

One's Jewish birthday is, of course, the date upon which one was born according to the Jewish calendar. Far from considering it incidental, Jewish tradition regards one's Jewish birthday to be celebrated with meaning and relevance and, in some ways, even a mini-Rosh Hashanah!

The Talmud informs us that on our Jewish birthdays our mazal (good fortune) is dominant. 

The Jewish birthday is the perfect day for reflection about our lives as Jews and is an auspicious time to make new resolutions, to perform good deeds and to deepen our commitment to Torah and the role it plays in our lives.   

On I found a page that tells you what your Hebrew name means.

If you don’t know your Jewish birthday date, Hebcal has a wonderful converter. 

Enjoy your special day...I know I will... be spending most of my day in the kitchen cooking for Shabbat..Baruch Hashem!

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