Thursday, October 11, 2012

Even FaceBook can be Kosher.......


Life is made up of experiences. Some we enjoy very much and other experiences, well we can just live without. Yesterday, I experienced pure pleasure. 

Some background:

Around a year ago, a few English speaking women who are early risers, would log on to Facebook, inviting their friends to join them for a virtual cup of coffee and a chat.

One of the women took the morning chat one step further and created a Facebook secret women’s group called Coffee Talk and posted an invitation to join.

And so new relationships and friendships were formed and our membership grew to thirty three English speaking women who, the majority are olim.  We discovered that our group has olim who are new...two years and veteran olim.... thirty, forty and more years.

During this past summer I was postings with another Coffee Talk member and suggested we have a get together. We invited the other members in our group to post their opinion on the idea. Everyone liked the idea and we started a discussion on when and where.

The date chosen was Oct. 10th at 10:00a.m. at Café Café in Center One.

Yesterday, I had the privilege to meet ten fascinating women. We did a round table introduction and spoke about ourselves, our families, our aliyah and dreams for the future.

We learned about serious health issues and how these amazing women overcame their “handicaps.” One woman read a beautiful and meaningful poem that she lives by.

Another wanted to celebrate with her friends a Seuda Hodoyah. Her sheer determination to recover from a very serious illness, that the doctors had said would kill her, but instead, her recovery made medical history.  This exceptional woman read a moving and emotional piece that she wrote about her illness and feelings.

We wanted our gathering to be special, not just women getting together to meet and chat.  We decided to end our get together saying Tehillim for people, who for different reasons required prayers.   

The Tehillim was divided up. I am sure that Hashem, seeing eleven women  each saying their section of the Tehillim together with devotion, moved the Heaven. May Hashem grant His Brachot to each person.

And may Hashem also shower the amazing women I met today with Brachot.

 Post Script: One of the ladies of Coffee Talk manages a fund for needy Brides in Netivot. Please have a look at her link...