Sunday, April 19, 2009


Spring has Arrived in Israel

Welcome back!

I hope everyone had an enjoyable and meaningful Pesach.

A couple of week before Pesach, Spring arrives in Israel. Actually, Israel has only two seasons, winter and summer, but Pesach is known as a spring [Aviv in Hebrew] holiday. Children sing a song about Pesach being a spring holiday. Trees are in bloom and their blossoms are beautiful and some smell so sweet. My grandchildren, Chen and Nadav, bring their gan [kindergarten class] to their garden to see their almond trees in bloom.

Soon we will see many of the native wild flowers of Israel, with their beautiful sharp colors growing all over Israel.

My favorite Israeli flower is the Calanit. This flower grows wild and has the most beautiful deep red petals. The first time I saw a Calanit was on my daughter’s kibbutz in Gush Etzion. It was love at first sight. When my son-in-law told me that this wild flower is only a weed, I couldn't believe it. How could a weed be so beautiful?

To see some of the beautiful flowers that grow in Israel, check out this link.

Flowers are a very special gift to the world. They brighten up our day and bring a smile to our lips. Sending flowers to a loved one, sends a message of love. A bouquet of flowers on the Shabbos table adds to the dignity and grace of the table. And of course on a beautiful day, planting your favorite flowers in the garden or a balcony flower box is a great way to relax and spend the day. Whether you plant with seeds or seedlings, caring for your flowers and watching nature in action is a precious sight.

I wrote this poem A Precious Flower a couple of years ago.


Look at these flowers
so beautiful and dainty.
With just enough colour
and a faint smell of scent.

Oh Master of the Universe
You created a masterpiece.
So wonderful, so special
for young and old to enjoy.

We thank-you for Your gift
that brightens up our day.
These little flowers
so precious in every way.

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