Thursday, July 30, 2015

The Coffee Talk Ladies and our Face 2 Face.

This is just a short blog to tell you about our get together we had last night.

About 4 or 5 years ago, several early risers would greet each other every morning with a good morning wish and shared a virtual cup of coffee. And so ‘The Coffee Talk ladies’ Facebook group was born. The idea was conceived by Chaya  O………… Thank-you Chaya for your terrific idea.

We are a private group of 36 ladies, mostly olim who have been in Israel from anywhere from a couple of years to 45 years.

On our page we have discussions. We discuss everything from women’s issues, to recipes, to politics to religious matters. We share family photos, post links to important shuirim, articles and blogs. We have several excellent bloggers. 

Our group is a real sisterhood. When someone needs tehillim or prayers said, they post the name and know tehillim and prayers will be said. 

Today, the women from Jerusalem, Bet Shemesh, Beer Sheva, Ramat Gan, [Netivot and Ma’agalim locals] travelled to the Southern city of Netivot.

Most of the women who joined this group were strangers but it didn’t take long before we became ‘friends’. A suggestion was made to meet Face 2 Face. 

Our first meeting was brunch in Yerushalayim. We have also met in Shilo, the home of the Mishkan, and to show support to the south with all the rockets and missiles being fired, the ladies came to Netivot for lunch. We have been to Netanya and this time again in Netivot. 

Part of the group met at the home of Esther R......., who accompanied the ladies to the grave site of the Baba Sali, who was the leading Moroccan Sephardi Rabbi and Kabbalist, where the women said Tehillim.  

We then all met up at a cafe for supper.  It was very nice seeing everyone again and catching up. The time passed quickly, our Face 2 Face was over and a wonderful time was had by all.  

To the ladies who couldn't make our gathering, we missed you and hope to see you next time.
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That's all for now.