Sunday, June 11, 2017

Fifty Years....Where Has The Time Gone?

Fifty years ago, as a young woman, never did I realize the life adventure I was embarking on.

You see, 50 years ago, on the Hebrew calendar, 17th of Sivan, my parents a”H, proudly walked with me down the aisle at the Young Israel of Chomedey. 

Standing under the chuppah, my chatan Avraham’s  parents had already escorted him. 

Our two little flower girls dropped rose pedals as they walked down the aisle along side our sweet 4 year old page boy, who carried my wedding ring on a velvet pillow.

The secular date was June 25th, 1967.

Israel’s six day war was a couple of weeks earlier, and the Rav of the Shul told my parents that if the war continues, we couldn't have any music or dancing. 

We listened to every newscast to hear what was happening in Israel. 

The day they announced the war was over and Jerusalem had been liberated, I was so happy. I told my parents, one day I am going to Israel.

The shul was beautiful. The chuppah was decked out with gorgeous white orchids with green ribbons, the colour I chose for my theme. 

From the souvenir kippot, to the match boxes on the tables to the benchers, everything was a lovely shade of green.

My mother a”H and mother-in-law a”H and maid of honour wore light green gowns.

Wearing white dinner jackets, our ushers lined the aisle.  Both father’s a”H, Avraham and his best man wore tails with top hats and white gloves. Avraham still doesn’t know how I managed to convince him to wear tails. Those were the days.

Our wedding was a fairy tale wedding. Everything was perfect. When one of our guests called me “Mrs. Goodman”, I said “that’s my mother-in-law.”

Avraham’s parents were celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary the next day, and my parents surprised them with an anniversary cake. 

The band and singer serenaded them with the ‘Anniversary Song’. As they danced, my mother-in-law was so over whelmed, she couldn’t stop crying. 

During the past fifty years, we have had our ups and downs. We have been blessed many times. Even when life looked black, Hashem was always there for us.

He blessed us three beautiful children, two fabulous sons-in-laws, thirteen precious Sabra grandchildren, and two years ago, a grandson-in-law. 

Last year we were blessed with Oriya, our first great-granddaughter. What a precious gift. 

A month ago, we celebrated 23 years since our aliyah. Definitely one of our better decisions.

Our grandchildren are growing up. Some have served in the IDF. Another is serving now. We have a grandson in Hesdar and will serve.

We have 2 grandchildren in higher learning. We have a grandson in high school yeshiva and three granddaughters in the Ulpana.

We have grandchildren in elementary school and our youngest grandson is finishing gan [kindergarten] and will start kita א [grade 1] in September.

We are now retired. I still tutor a couple of hours, one afternoon a week. I joined a mosaic and ceramics group from our moetza, and I am enjoying using my imagination and creating pictures.

Avraham and I are shepping nachas from our family. We are Truly Blessed.

That’s all for now