Sunday, July 16, 2017

The Best Three Hours of the Week....

Last November I joined an over 60 mosaic class run by our Moetza, Sdot Negev. We finished for the summer at the end of June and resume after the chagim.

I have always like working with my hands and creating. When I was a young mother, I learned how to needlepoint and I made many beautiful wall hangings.

Interesting fact is that I can copy a picture and then make changes adding my own thoughts about I wanted to see in the design but I can’t trace a picture. It comes out all wrong.

Using my imagination to create a mosaic totally relaxes me. Instead of thinking about everything at home, I think only about my picture. What colours I want to use, what shape to cut the glass, which glue to use and where am I going to hang the finished work. 

Our chug is 3 hours once a week. It is the best 3 hours of the week for me.

We had several sessions learning about ceramics and I had an opportunity to make a wall hanging.

It was so much fun to go outside and hammer piece of pottery and tiles for my abstract. 

Once again I saw myself. I like structure and I need to have a place for everything. My husband goes crazy when I get upset because he put something in the fridge on the wrong shelf or in the wrong place. 

After I finished my abstract, I saw me...the stones, shapes and colour were so balanced. 

In Netivot, we have a couple of stores that sell mosaic stones. I purchased a variety of stones and have created pictures at home.

My son made a comment to me that is really so true. He said “you have very little patience to sit around and you do several jobs at the same time. You finish everything so quickly, but when it comes to your mosaic, you have all the time in the world. You have patience to cut the stones, and figure where they will fit perfectly. It is like you are doing a jig saw puzzle to create your picture. It’s amazing!”

So now if you don’t mind I would like to show off my work.

My first creation
A hanger wall hanging for my great-granddaughter Oriya.
hot plates
Shabbat candlesticks
My ceramic abstract wall hanging
Jewellery box
A nameplate for our front door
A wall hanging

That's all for now. I have a couple of other projects I want to try during the summer.

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