Sunday, November 18, 2012

A Grandson Goes to War....

Shavua Tov....

Last Wednesday, the 14th of November, the Israel Air Force [IAF] launched a targeted strike killing mass murderer Ahmed Jabari, Hamas’ military chief of staff, the head of the terror organization’s military wing and sent him to his 72 virgins.

Jabari was involved in orchestrating the attack in June 2006 in which IDF soldiers were killed and the kidnapping of Gilad Shalit, who was held for 5 years by Hamas. He was responsible for all Hamas terrorist activities originating from the Gaza Strip during the last decade.  

That evening, my daughter called to say that her son, my oldest grandchild, was called up by the IDF and had to report in the morning. A chill run up and down my back. I can’t start to explain the nausea and fear that I felt. I said a small prayer asking HaKodesh Borchu to look after him.

Yoni, a 10th generation Israeli, is learning in a Hesder Yeshiva, had finished his 18 months of army service during the summer. Everyday, for those 18 months, I worried about him.

My husband and I were so very proud to have a grandson serving our precious nation. The first time he visited us in uniform, we drove him crazy taking pictures. Being in uniform made him a target. This was my greatest fear. As proud as I was, I couldn’t wait for his 18 months to be over.

Now he is back in uniform, waiting for his orders. I didn’t think it would happen so soon. Hamas’s missiles don’t scare me. Having my grandson in a war terrifies me.

May Hashem guide and protect all our brave chayalim [soldiers] and bring them home safely to their families.

If you would like to say Tehillim for our chayalim, the suggested psalms are: 20, 83, 91, 121, 130, 144.

I also pray that our government allow our chayalim to finish the job that they were called up for, and end the terror by Hamas and their band of terrorists in our country. Their mission must not be cut short and in vain.

Terrorist who target civilians must be made to paid the ultimate price for their deeds.

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