Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Next week is my birthday!

My secular birthday date is on November 7th and my Hebrew birthday date is 13 Cheshvan...a week later on November 11th. I celebrate both days. My husband and son usually wish me happy birthday on my secular date and my daughters and grandchildren send their wishes on my Hebrew date.

I have a lot to be thankful for. I’m healthy and I’m happy. I have great children, twelve super grandchildren and my husband, whom I have been married to for more than forty years. Wow! I really am getting old.

I have reached a point in my life where I’m old enough to start receiving my old age pension from Israel, but not old enough to receive my old age pension from Canada. Still have to wait another three years for that.

When I think about some of my accomplishments I have to say that raising my family was at the top of the list. I look at my married daughters and see how special they turned out and how they are raising their families, I shep nachas and know I did something right.

My husband & I adopted our son when he was two and half years old. He was called a special child because he was over six months when he became available for adoption. The first time I set eyes on him, I knew he was the right child for me. We bonded immediately. The only difference between him and the girls is who gave birth to whom.

Making Aliyah was another major accomplishment. We wanted to make Aliyah for years, but there was always an excuse, you know, it was never the right time. From the moment we stepped off the airplane at Ben Gurion, we knew we were home. Our daughters picked us up at Ben Gurion and the first thing they said was, ”let’s see your Tuedat Oleh.”

Living in Israel was a privilege and we took things one day at a time. Who can ever forget the balagan when we went to Misrad Ha Panim. [interior ministry]. We were told to only use photcopies in government offices, as they loose everything. I brought a photocopy of my Ketuba instead of the original and they would't except it. They made us come back the next day. After 14 years, I have to say, our Aliyah has been a success.

Writing is a fairly new hobby. I write as a release when I am stressed out over something or someone. I started writing poems in 2001 and now I write short articles, some which have been published in Hamodia and on The Jewish Woman site of Chabad. You can read my articles at

The thrill of seeing one of my stories published on line or in print, to me is a personal accomplishment.

My favorite type of writing are stories that I write for my grandchildren. You can read one of my stories on Jewish book town site. Scroll down to the center of the page.

In starting this blog to express my personal thoughts, I found another side of me. I side that I really enjoy. I have ‘met’ some very nice people who have written some very nice notes and comments.

The internet was a wonderful invention. It allows you to socialize, learn and connect. I have found some lost relatives and friends. I would never have been able to start writing as a hobby and get published without it. It gives you a new type of freedom.

When surfing for this blog, I came across several descriptions of ‘What is a Jewish birthday’.

This is what I learnt: One's Jewish birthday is, of course, the date upon which one was born according to the Jewish calendar. Far from considering it incidental, Jewish tradition regards one's Jewish birthday to be celebrated with meaning and relevance and, in some ways, even a mini-Rosh Hashanah!

The Talmud informs us that on our Jewish birthdays our mazal (good fortune) is dominant.

The Jewish birthday is the perfect day for reflection about our lives as Jews and is an auspicious time to make new resolutions, to perform good deeds and to deepen our commitment to Torah and the role it plays in our lives.

Another opinion said:- When a person is born, all of shamayim (the skies) open up in order for his soul to come down to earth. Then, every year, once again, all the skies open up for his soul. However, this time, there is no soul coming down. Instead, it is an opportunity for his soul to cry out to God.

On I found a page that tells you what your Hebrew name means. I don’t know if the meanings are true, but they are fun to read.

Since raising my family was my greatest accomplishment, I would like to introduce them to you.

My Mishpacha

Avraham and I

Married on June 25th

17th of Sivan, in Chomedey, Que,

With dreams and hopes

of raising a mishpaca.

Our first born was Naomi.

Our second born was Devorah.

Ten years later,

we were blessed with

our son, Eli-Chaim.

We welcomed to the family

our sons-in-laws

Eliezer and Hagai.

Our oldest grandson is Yoni.

Our oldest granddaughter

is his sister Bat-El.

Our other precious

grandchildren are..

Michael, Itamar & Gilad,

Dvir, Adi and Talia,

Oshrei, Chen,

Nadav and Neta.

Our family is growing.

How thankful we are

to think that we started out as two.

So many blessings we have received

each one perfect in every way.

, Hashem please continue

tto guide our family

aand listen to our Tefillah.

Our faith is strong,

our lives are in Your Hand.

May each of us celebrate our birthday

ad 120 together with our family in

good health and happiness.

Feel free to comment and pass my blog around.