Sunday, December 4, 2011

Little Bird, Little Bird..........

Every morning, for many years, my husband and I have been feeding the birds. These little creatures have come to rely on the crumbs of bread that we leave them. Early each morning, we see them hovering over our back yard waiting for their treats.

The Negev is known for its birds. This area is a bird watchers paradise. There is this beautiful little black, two shades of gray and a touch of white bird with a yellow beak that has been coming to eat for some time.

This morning, as I was looking out of my kitchen window watching the birds eat, I saw my little bird enjoy her share and then fly away with a piece of bread in her beak.

This poem is for her……...

Little Bird, Little Bird

As I look out of my window
A little  bird I  did see
Nibbling on a piece of bread
That was left for her to enjoy.

This beautiful bird
A creation from Hashem
Flapping her wings
As she floats through the air 
With a morsel of bread in her beak
To feed her young.

Mother bird, Mother bird 
What a wonder you are
Hashem has instilled in you
Motherly love and responsibility.

Little bird, little bird 
So perfect in every way
Your colors are so magical
Oh, what a beautiful sight!

Enjoy and pass on!
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Until next time.....