Friday, April 24, 2015

Hashem Had Other Plans...........

Life holds many surprises and my surprise came on Thursday, April 2nd, a day before liel seder [seder night]. 

I hadn't been feeling well for a couple of days earlier and the doctor said I had bronchitis. During the night I was choking so badly, I went back to the doctor Thursday morning even though I didn't really have time. I still had a couple of small jobs to finish before I could start cooking for Pesach.

Well Hashem had other plans for me.

The doctor told the nurse to do a cardiogram and check my blood pressure. 

After checking the results he told me that he was calling an ambulance and sending me to Soroka Hospital.

Would you believe that I argued with him that I didn't want to go.....

The nurse said that I didn't have a choice and called the ambulance.

In the ambulance I had terrible chest pain. The driver put on the siren.

From Netivot it takes about 30 minutes normal driving to the hospital. The ambulance took about 15 minutes.

I must start by saying the care I received in Soroka was superb. The doctors and nurses were professional and showed much kindness.

Since my Hebrew is very limited, the staff went out of their way to speak English. 

Avraham called our children. Our chayal grandson was in Beer Sheva on his way home. He came to the hospital and stayed until his parent's came to the hospital.

In the emergency room I had a very serious heart attack. I was admitted to the cardiac ICU. 

At that point life was a blur. The next thing I knew, I was transferred to the cardiac catheterization room for a stent to be inserted. The procedure took 50 minutes but it seemed forever.

Back to my room in the ICU, the nurses did everything possible to make me comfortable including speaking English. 

So much for my plans for the day. By now it was late and Avraham was exhausted. He had to go home. Pesach was the next day and he had to finish the house, do laundry and make chraine.

Friday was a nightmare in my house. Hashem gave Avraham and Eli-Chaim the strength to finish everything. Devorah sent them delicious food.

My daughter Naomi asked the doctor for permission to make a little seder for me in my hospital room. He said sure.

When Hashem plans, He plans everything. Naomi heard about an apartment near the hospital from someone on her kibbutz in the Gush and was able to rent the apartment for Shabbat.The girls who live in the apartment are students and had gone home for Pesach. One of the girls lives in my Yishuv and she was able to get the key when she drove Avraham home. Hashem's Hand at work.

Baruch Hashem Naomi, Eliezer and their five sons spent Shabbat with me and gave me a beautiful Seder and Shabbat.

When I saw the doctor Sunday morning I thanked him for giving Naomi permission for the seder.  He said to me, “for sure your children making you a seder was better medicine than anything I am giving you”.. 

Four days later I came home.  The doctor told me that I have a new birthday, April 2nd. Hashem granted me the Bracha of life.

My family has been fantastic. Naomi filled the freezer with a variety of delicious fleishic meals. Devorah made us soups, kugels, cakes and basically whatever I asked her for. Yesterday, Hagai bar b'qued a variety of meat for us for supper and another meal for freezing.. Devorah also has been handling all my appointments. So many phone calls to make. Eli-Chaim has been at my beck and call.

Avraham has been fabulous and has become the "chief cook and bottle washer" handling everything from laundry to washing the house and everything in between. 

The most surprising friend in my house is my sweet 4 legged friend Patches. She has attached herself to my hip. Since I came home she has not let me of her sight. She lies quietly in my bed next to me. When I go to the bathroom or take a shower she parks herself outside the door.

Last week I had a doctor's appointment. Eli-Chaim told me she looked out the window and cried all the time I was gone. He couldn't distract her. When I came home she jumped on me as if I was gone for a year.

Patches has proven herself to be a loyal friend.

Today is three weeks since my heart attack. Baruch Hashem I am getting stronger every day, but I still get tired very easily.

I want to thank everyone for your tefilla and good wishes. I am so touched about the amount of inquiries.  May HaKadosh Baruch Hu grant each of you many Brachot.

We are now in the Hebrew month of Iyar which is known as the month of healing. Iyar is an acronym for "I am G-d your healer" Exodus 15:26. May all who are sick have a refua shelaima.

Until next time........
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Shabbat Shalom!