Sunday, April 7, 2013

Life Between Purim and Pesach...Busy and Exciting....


I haven't posted a blog in some time now. The last one was back in December.

It's not that I am so busy. Yes, I do work part time and look after my family with the usual household chores..but the truth is: we are only three adults living in our house plus a sweet dog that loves attention. I did sit down a few times to blog but my creative juice was just not working. Maybe I spend too much time clogging up my head with things that are not important or haven’t any control of.

I started this blog before Purim, but just didn’t get a chance to finish it. Purim was just a few days away and I still hadn’t shop for Purim goodies, prepare mishloach manot baskets or decided what were serving for our Seuda. 

Between Purim and Pesach there was cleaning and more cleaning and still more cleaning. Planning menus and shopping. Changing dishes was easy, as my Pesach dishes are locked away in a high cupboard in my kitchen. The job was 1 2 3...the rest well we took in stride.

Baruch Hashem, Pesach was wonderful. We had the opportunity to visit with all our grandchildren.... 

Between Purim and Pesach our family celebrated the Bat-mitzvah of our granddaughter Adi Chaya, Devorah and Hagai’s oldest daughter. Adi was named after my mother a”H Chaya...Her English name and the name she was known by was Ida..If you spell Ida backwards you get Adi.... My mom passed away Erev Pesach, 14 years ago.


We also celebrated Avraham’s 70th birthday ad120 and Neta’s 6th birthday [D and H’s daughter]. So many milestones!

I am so thankful for all our Brachot. May my family continue to be a source of Yiddish nachas, guided and protected by the Hand of Hashem. 

 Until next time! Feel free to comment and share.