Monday, July 30, 2012

Which Country Will Blink First?


At a White House briefing, on July 26th, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney refused to answer a reporter’s question. "What city is the capital of Israel"? A very simple question. The exchange went like this… 

Fast forward to the next day. I posted this video on my Facebook page. A friend noted that Canada has also never acknowledged that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. [She knew we are Canadians]. She was right…. I decided that Canada needed a wake up call.

So once again I sent a letter to a prime minister. This time, to Canadian Prime Minster Stephen Harper. This was my letter.

July 27th/2012
Shalom Prime Minister Harper

Our family are Canadians now living in Israel.  Israel has no better friend than Canada and for that we want to thank-you for standing up with us.

The capital of Israel is Jerusalem, and it is now time for our best friend to publicly announce an undivided Jerusalem is the capital city of Israel and move the Canadian Embassy to Jerusalem.

Once again thank-you for standing with us and we will be watching for your announcement.

Sincerely yours
Two days later I received a form e-mail letter telling me that the Government of Canada appreciates all feedback and will send a detailed response by mail. Hope it doesn’t go the way of our pension checks that sometimes get hopelessly lost in the mail.

If you would like to email Prime Minister Harper and tell him that the capital of Israel is Jerusalem, and he should move our embassy to Jerusalem, his e-mail address is 

When I receive a reply, I’ll post it.

Until next time…feel free to comment and share.

A friend just sent me this video...thanks Hadassa