Friday, November 8, 2013



On Tuesday, Coffee Talk, a woman’s Face book group had their fourth ‘face 2 face’ [f2f] get together in Jerusalem.

After a short walk around the famous shuk in Yerushalayim, Mahane Yehuda, the ladies grouped together and headed to the klal Building, where they were going to participate in a jewelry making workshop, headed by Hadassa, a member of our group. Unfortunately, I could not attend. My loss!

Paula very kindly opened her board room to hold the event.

A highlight of the gathering was a Skype call to one of our member-friend, who lives in Colorado. In her words...

A wonderful, descriptive blog with pictures was posted by Batya.

What is Coffee Talk you ask?  About two years ago, some of us early risers would virtually meet over coffee and catch up.

Chaya took our early meetings one step further, started a secret Facebook page, called it Coffee Talk and sent out invitations. And so our little group was born.

The goal was to keep the membership low, so that we keep the group informal and personal. We are all ‘sisters’. Thirty-seven women from Israel and the States enjoy each others company over a virtual cup of coffee and share each others news.

When Tehillim or any other davening needs to be said, all it takes is a quick posting and you know it will be done. Have a it and you will get an answer.

We enjoy sending each other mazal-tov’s for smachot in our families and the posting pictures of children and grandchildren are always a pleasure to see.

Last year, we decided to meet in person, and we held our first ‘face 2 face, in Jerusalem meeting at Café Café. A wonderful time was had by all.

We introduced ourselves and each told a little about who we are.  Our second f2f was in the Negev city of Netivot. The ladies wanted to show solidarity with residents of the South who constantly live with the fear of a missile attack at a drop of the hat.

We shopped in Netivot and then had a wonderful sit down lunch at Gregg’s.

Our third meeting was in Shiloh, the site of the Mishkan. We toured the biblical city of Shiloh. Our tour guide made the Tanach come alive. We ended our tour davening [pray] minchah, at the same spot where Chana the wife of Elkanah, davened and pleaded with Hashem to grant her a child. (Samuel 1:10) Her tefillah was answered and Chana gave birth to a son, whom she named Samuel and later became the first king of Israel. 

And now back to the drawing board to plan our next face 2 face.

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