Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Taking Charge..........

This past May, I was diagnosed with Diabetes type 2. It is now 6 ½ months later, I’m off all medication and I’m thankfully free of any diabetes. I had a doctor’s appointment today and he told me that I am living proof that if you take your diagnoses seriously, you can beat diabetes.

My secret, I took charge. I did research on diabetes, checking out the diabetes associations of the Israeli, American, British and Canadian Associations. I read and reread information on what is diabetes, learnt about the G.I. index [glycemic index] http://www.glycemicindex.com/, how diet and exercise play an important part in controlling diabetes and what symptoms to be aware of and to speak to the doctor about.

I followed the advice of my family doctor, my diabetic doctor and my dietician. I started to eat healthy, started walking and lost weight. I check my blood glucose level on regular bases and do my blood work tests as necessary. My numbers are terrific, well within the normal range.

I just read an online article from the Toronto paper, The Globe and Mail, that said the number of Canadians living with diabetes will rise dramatically over the next decade, spurring an “economic tsunami” that will be felt well beyond the health system. Today there are 2.5 million Canadians who have been diagnosed with diabetes either type 1 or type 2. To read the entire article, the link is:

The amount of people diagnosed with diabetes is mind boggling. In the States, approximately 21 million Americans have been diagnosed and millions more are undiagnosed. Here in Israel, according to the Israel Diabetic Association almost 400,000 Israelis have been diagnosed and another 200,000 Israelis are undiagnosed. This makes a lot of people with this disease.

The questions on hand now are: how do we, the diabetic, make family and friends aware of diabetes and its potential life altering effect? Are the medical ministries of each country spending enough money to bring diabetes to the forefront? Does the general public understand that diabetes type 2 can happen to anyone, not just those who have a family history? Is there an awareness campaign? So many questions but not enough answers..........

Personally, I have suggested to my husband and children that when they do blood work, they should also ask to have glucose and Hemoglobin A1c added to their blood tests. This way they will know where they stand and if they have to start to take any precautions.
To change the topic........

This Friday evening and for the next eight days is Chanukah.

Chanukah is about miracles and celebration, when the Temple Menorah was rekindled during the re-dedication, only enough oil to last for one day could be found, however this small amount burned for eight days and nights until more oil was made.

To remember and celebrate the miracle of the oil, we eat a variety of foods fried in oil. For a diabetic or anyone else watching their weight this is difficult to do. The most common treats are potato latkes [pancakes] or any other latke and doughnuts.

Here are a couple of recipes for latkes and doughnuts that are diabetic friendly.

Latkes Recipe
2 large potatoes unpeeled [option.. substitute 1 potato for 2 zucchinis]
1 small onion

2 eggs (whites only)

1 tablespoon all purpose flour

1 tsp salt

½ tsp baking powder

4tsp Canola oil

Top with low fat sour cream, yogurt or unsweetened applesauce.

Finely shred potato and onion and place in sieve press to remove excess moisture. In a bowl whisk together egg whites, flour, salt and baking powder until smooth stir in potato mixture. In large non-stick skillet heat 2 tablespoons oil over medium heat. When water drops splatter on skillet spoon potato mixture about 2 tablespoons at a time onto the skillet to form 3 inch latke. Fry until brown and drain, drain, drain. ENJOY!

Doughnuts recipe

1 tablespoon granulated sugar

4 tablespoons sugar replacement

1/3 cup buttermilk

1 egg

1 cup flour

1/8 tsp baking soda

2 tsp. baking powder

1 tsp. nutmeg [optional]

1 tsp. cinnamon

1 tsp. vanilla extract


oil for deep frying
 Combine sugars, buttermilk, egg beat together add remaining ingredients except oil and beat until blended. Heat oil 375F drop dough into hot oil and fry until golden brown. Drain well. ENJOY! 
‘Chanukah Samaech’  to you and yours.