Monday, November 12, 2012

Mr. Netanyahu, When Will You Stop This Terror?.


I want to scream. I want to vent. I want my government to care and stop this terror that I and a million plus southern residents have been living under for years. 

As of this morning, since Moetzi Shabbat [Saturday night] hamas and their band of terrorists have fired 140 missiles at Israeli citizens. So far today many more missiles have been fired.

Their aim is getting better with so much practice. They have had many direct hits. Sederot, Eshkol, Shar Ha Negev, Netivot to mention a few.

Families have been living in their safe rooms or bomb shelters. Children in some areas have been out of school. Everybody’s daily routine is upside down..not knowing when or where a missile will be fired.

I know of a young kallah [bride] who yesterday, suffered her worse nightmare.  As her wedding ceremony was getting started, the incoming missile warning siren blasted and 4 grad missiles hit the city. Can you imagine that? How many other kallot have had their dream wedding shattered with a siren and boom? How many more kallot are going to suffer and worry?

This morning, a young family getting ready to start their day, started it with a siren and boom and all their windows in the apartment building where they live smashed. Their 18 month old daughter was sleeping in her bed, under the blankets, was covered in broken glass. What a miracle this child wasn’t cut or worse...

Hesder Yeshiva students had their dorm rooms totaled.  An ice cream store badly damaged.  In all Baruch Hashem there weren’t any physical injuries but twenty six people were treated for shock and several needed hospitalization.

My eleven year old granddaughter was getting on the school bus when the siren blared. A few seconds later, boom, boom. Her younger siblings were too scared to get on the bus and ran home.

All this from one attack. And the saga I am writing this blog our siren went off. With 15 seconds to go to the safe area of our house it is a good thing I don’t have any little kids here. 

We heard 5 loud booms...yes, 5 loud booms, one after another. We were listening to Radio Darom. Pikud Haoref, Israel’s Home Front Command has a hook least 20 locations were mentioned where the sirens were blaring with the warning of incoming missiles.
Mr. Netanyahu, when will you stop this terror?  This is the question on the lips of every southern resident.
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