Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Tenacity of a Rabbit

In my last blog Our Special Flower Garden, I wrote how Avraham and I had moved to a house on Yishuv Ma'agalim and worked very hard to clean up our neglected  yard. When we were finished, we made a nice flower garden. Our problems came when our neighbor's three rabbits decided that the flowers that we planted were delicious and ate or destroyed over 30 plants. 

When we spoke to our neighbor, he told us he can’t cage the rabbits because they are too fast and they know how to get out of the cage. Basically, he told us to live with it.

We goggled rabbits and looked for ways to discourage them. One tip was to spray a mixture of vinegar and dish soap on the flowers. Another was to sprinkle tiny thorns all over.

We called the man responsible for animal control from our Moatza [regional council] for help in trapping the rabbits. Bottom line, rabbits are almost impossible to trap. Best he could do was speak to the neighbor and tell him it was against the law to allow the rabbits to run freely and he should cage them.

Our neighbor changed his story and told us that the rabbits were not his but that they made his yard their home.

He then gave us some hot red pepper chips and said to sprinkle them heavily everywhere and that the rabbits would stay away because the smell is to strong for them.

Well, that worked for a couple of weeks.

We started off with three rabbits. For the past couple of weeks only the beautiful black rabbit with a drop of brown running down his back is around our house. I don't know what happened to the other two. Maybe some kids caught them.

‘Our black rabbit’, is the most tenacious rabbit I have ever seen.  He is so sure of himself, that he will let you get close enough to him to let you look into his eyes, but the minute you try to catch him, he is off…. This rabbit is always five steps ahead of us. Imagine if people were as tenacious as this rabbit.

The American Heritage Dictionary gives this definition for tenacious: Holding or tending to hold persistently to something, such as a point of view.

Merriam-Webster Dictionary says that tenacious means persistent and maintaining, adhering to, or seeking something valued or desired.
This little rabbit wants our flowers for whatever reason and is determined to get to them no matter what he has to do.

If our Israeli politicians would be this tenacious in standing up for what is in the best interest of Israel and its Israeli citizens, our country would be much stronger in the eyes of the world. We would have respect!

Personally, I don’t really care what the world thinks…..Israel has to do what is in our interest regardless of what the Americans, Europeans or Arabs says.

Our politicians need to learn how to say no, this is not in our interest. As long as we bow down to the world, Israel will always be the ‘friar’ country. The world is trying to push us into a peace agreement with a lie. The Palestinian Heritage story is the most fictional story around that is believed by the world. 

The world refuses to look at their ‘history’ and our history. We have been a nation for more than 3,000 years. Jerusalem has been our eternal capital for all this time. The Palestinians only started to mention Jerusalem after the ’67 war.

The left of the country are siding with our enemies. They too don’t understand how precious our land is. Education is the key to all the answers. Our children must be taught to love the land. We need educators who teach with tenacity that our land is precious and must be protected at all cost and not given away.

A couple of years ago, the IDF made a discovery that many of their draftees had never been to our capital Jerusalem. Imagine that! These young people were born here and never visited Jerusalem. It is mind blogging.

Today, part of the basic training is a field trip to Jerusalem and the Kotel. [Western wall].

I hope that we solve our rabbit problem and I pray that our Prime Minister and his government learn to stand up and say no, not this time! This is what is in our best interest and we are going to do………………

Until next time!