Monday, April 23, 2012

A Strange Feeling...............


Living in the Israel’s South, we hear booms and aircraft on a daily bases. Some booms are from the IDF practicing at a base near by, some booms are the grad missiles that the terrorist from Gaza aim at us to main and kill and other booms are from the IDF defending us.
One day last week……………………

While sitting in my kitchen
Waiting for my student to arrive
A very strange feeling
Came over me.
Can’t really describe it
Sort of felt like
The sun was shining
The sky was as blue as blue can get
Not a cloud to be seen
And gently the wind blew.

Then it happened again
Those butterflies
Floating around
And around and around.

Is there a message
To be told?
Is the siren about to wail?
The unusual quiet was deafening.

My front door vibrated
A great big rattle
No jets in the sky
What can it be?

Is my imagination
Running away
With me?
Now two minutes later
The quiet is broken
So goes life
For us citizens
Who live
In Israel’s South.

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