Sunday, March 11, 2012

Enough! An Open Letter to our Prime Minister.......

For more than ten years terror has been the way of life for the residents of the south. The palestinian terrorists who live in Gaza have been attacking us with their kassam and grad missiles. The terrorists fill the missiles with ball bearings, nuts, bolts, screws, washers and many other sharp metal objects to do the most damage.

You must understand that missiles are not firecrackers that make a loud bang. Missiles are weapons that can and do maim and kill.

Since this past Shabbat, we have been under seige once again. Over 150 missiles have been fired at the south. Today and until it calms down, 250,000 children can not go to school. Families have seconds to get to shelter when the in coming missile air raid siren is sounded. 

I personally have had enough!  I sent this e-mail to our prime minister this evening. If you want to write to Mr. Netanyahu his e-mail address is and click contact us...

Shalom Mr. Netanyahu
I am writing to you as a resident of the south, my family lives in Ma’agalim. We, the residents are being held hostage by the kassam and grad missile barrage that is presently being carried out by the Palestinian terrorists who live in Gaza.
As a tax paying Israeli citizen, Mr. Prime Minister, I would like to know what you and your government are doing to put a stop to this terror for once and for all.

We have had enough lip service from you…time for real action. We have the best army in the world. Our chayalim and chayalot are very dedicated young men and women. Time to show the arabs what dedicated chayalim who love our country can do.

Know one likes or wants war but sometimes this is the only answer. To the palestinians, dialogue is considered as weakness, they only understand brute force.

You must order Barak to give the order to the IDF to clean up Gaza and not leave until the job is totally finished.  If Barak refuses to send in the troops, fire him! You are the prime minister and not him. The buck stops at your desk.
Let me tell you what it is like to live in the south…we are always waiting for the other shoe to drop…. seven of my grandchildren, who also live in Ma’agalim have known so much terror in their young lives.

I couldn’t care less what Obama, Clinton, the U.N. or any other world leader has to say and you shouldn’t either. It is your job to keep us safe. The pals don’t want peace, you know that…they want every piece of Israel with all of us floating in the sea. Time to standup and show them who is boss.

Trusting you will do the right thing and clean up Gaza.

Sincerely yours
Miriam Goodman