Sunday, May 11, 2014

What a Special Day................

This morning my husband Avraham and I left our home in the Negev to travel to the Holy city of Yerushalayim to meet our friends Selma and Lazar from Montreal, who are visiting Eretz Yisrael.

We were so excited... this trip was so special... I have known Selma since I was thirteen years old, more than fifty years from our growing up days in Chomedey. Our families were 'settlers' in this new community...

Avraham and Lazar were friends since high school and hung around together with for years.. 

Selma was my maid of honor and Lazar was Avraham's best man when we were married.

Unfortunately, we lost track of one another for years, but thanks to the invention of the internet, I was given Selma’s e-mail address and we started to correspond and catch-up.

After Avraham and I starting going out, I met his friend Lazar who didn’t have a girl friend. I told Avraham that I knew the perfect girl for him.. Lazar agreed to meet Selma but Selma was another story. I can’t tell you how much I begged and twisted Selma’s arm to get her to agree to go out with Lazar just once.

Finally she agreed if we double dated...

And so from the shidduch that I made, G-D willing, Selma and Lazar will celebrate their 47th wedding anniversary in December, Baruch Hashem.

Our friends were staying at the Dan Panorama and we agreed to meet at the hotel. Besides being a little older, they hardly changed at all. We greeted each other with hugs......


We sat in the lobby for sometime and talked, looked at pictures and then I showed them a piece of pottery from the time of Avraham Avinu that my grandchildren found in a National Forest, the original home of Avraham Avinu... that where we live is the same land that we read about in the Chumash in Sefer Bereishis, where Avraham Avinu walked, had his tents, his flock grazed and merchants passed. Our history comes alive everywhere you go.

And then we showed them a piece of metal and pictures of the rocket that exploded a couple of years ago, 2 minutes from my house.  They never saw anything like it. 

Lunch was in a small restaurant on Emek Ephraim in the German Colony. Once again, we took pictures, talked, laughed and just had a great time. 

Walking back to the hotel, we stopped at Blum Park near the hotel to take more pictures.

Since we are all not so young, when we got back to the hotel, we once again sat in the lobby, and again smoozed and took a picture of the four of us. A waiter took the picture and it came out blurred. :(

When it was time for us to leave, we said our goodbyes...I told them that on their next trip, they must come to the South and be our guests and meet our family...


This was a wonderful day that we will not forget...Selma and Lazar, thank-you for making it happen.

Tomorrow, our friends continue their touring of our precious country.