Sunday, August 5, 2012

And The Birds Were Soaring....


Shavua Tov!

My husband likes to go to the early 5:00 a.m. minyan Shabbat morning and I take advantage of the time by sitting outside davening and watching nature at its best.

The air is cool and comfortable in the early morning. As I made myself comfortable, and daylight was just coming up, a couple of magnificent big, black crows came soaring gracefully across the blue Israeli sky, their wings, flapping with all their might to get to a roof top or a pole to rest.

Reaching their destination, they crow with a cawing sound, calling the rest of the gang. Within seconds a large flock of crows were over head.

On the ground I watched the smaller birds looking for food. Their determination to find food is something special to see. I enjoyed watching Mother bird flying to a tree branch to feed her young who were waiting for her. 

We have some of the tiniest, most beautiful colored birds I have ever seen. Their singing sounds like a fine tuned choir.

And I mustn’t forget to tell you about our woodpeckers.  We have woodpeckers all around our trees. Their pecking sound is something to hear. The Woodpeckers are unique in their appearance, with black stripes across their chest, red or yellow truffle of feather on the top of their head and sharp pointy becks. They are so interesting to watch and interact with other birds.

Sitting outside, sipping on a cup of coffee, I was grateful to be living in our homeland and enjoying Hashem’s handiwork, for only He could have produced nature at its best. Hashem, without a doubt is a master artist. The colors, shapes and sizes He chose for the birds are beyond human imagination

Seven thirty came very quickly. My husband came home from Shul, the cool air was warming up, men were passing my house to go to the next Shabbat minyan and in the background of the singing birds I could hear a helicopter.

Since the IAF doesn’t practice on Shabbat............

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