Monday, February 15, 2010

Chodesh Tov!

A Purim Tale....Junior Brides.....
Every little girl dreams about being kallah [bride] and looking like a queen in her wedding dress. She dreams that she will fall in love with a handsome prince and together they will build a beautiful home and be the pride of their families.

My daughter Naomi was no exception. One Purim when she was about 9 or 10 years old, Naomi asked me if she could wear my wedding dress complete with the veil as her Purim costume. I said okay, and when she was all dressed-up, the sight of my young ‘kallah’ brought a lump to my throat. [I get emotional easily].

My Kallah & her friends.
Was I seeing the future? Ten years later, my junior kallah was a beautiful for real kallah. Naomi and her prince Eliezer were married Rosh Chodesh Nisan 5750, [March 27/90] on Kibbutz Rosh Tzurim in Gush Etzion. B”H they are parents to 6 beautiful children.
Going back to that Purim....Naomi and my younger daughter Devorah went to our Shul’s Purim party as a Chatan and Kallah. Naomi wore the wedding dress and Devorah wore a pant suit complete with tzizit and a hat.
"The Chatan"

The happy couple won first prize, a stuffed monkey.  

About twelve years later, Devorah was a gorgeous kallah. She and her prince Hagai were married in Netivot, 5th Kislev 5752 [Nov.11th/91] and are B”H parents to 6 fabulous children.

Just before we made Aliyah, a friend called and said that she knew of a very needy Russian kallah and would I lend her my wedding dress. I had the dress cleaned, handed it to my friend and I heard that the kallah was just beautiful. I told my friend to hold on to the dress and pass it around as necessary.     

I wonder how many brides wore my dress...........   

It is now around thirty years since that Purim party.... and a few weeks ago, my granddaughters, Adi [9] and Talia [8] asked their mother Devorah, if they could try on her wedding dress.

Devorah told me that they were beautiful. May my husband and I have the Bracha to dance at their weddings.

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A Happy Purim to everyone!