Wednesday, June 24, 2009


The Graduate

Just a short blog this time with some family news.

Graduation is a milestone in a person’s life. After years of hard work we are rewarded with the title graduate.

We have many graduations in our life. The first is graduation from gan [kindergarten] to Kita aleph [grade 1]. We graduate from elementary school to high school, from high school or yeshiva to university or an advance yeshiva.

With each graduation we take with us an abundance of knowledge.

My husband and I had the pleasure to attend the graduation ceremony of our oldest grandson.

Yoni, graduated from his Yeshiva high school, Yeshivat Orot Yehuda in Efrat. In Elul, Yoni will start Hesder [part of his army service] in Holon.

Last night, our younger grandson Gilad [11 ½], graduated from his elementary school in Kfar Maimon. In Elul, Gilad will start his high school education at Yeshivat Yashlatz, part of Mercas HaRav in Kfar Maimon.

Saba Avraham and I wish Yoni and Gilad mazal-tov and hatzlacha in all their future endeavors. We pray that your dreams will take you to the highest of your hopes and to the most special places your heart has ever known.”

Saba and I are so proud of the two of you and all your siblings. May we only shep nachas and simchas from our children and grandchildren.

Safta Miriam