Wednesday, September 23, 2009


The New Year 5770 and More...........

Shalom everyone! Just a short blog this time.

With Rosh Hashana over and our new year 5770 just beginning, I hope you and yours had a wonderful and meaningful Yom Tov. May this year bring you good health and happiness.

The davening in our Shul in Netivot was so wonderful. We belong to a small Ashkenazi shul which was first opened about nine or ten years ago for the Russian community who live in the area. Today, it is a community shul with a very mixed and diversed congregation.

The Shul is only used for Shabbat and the Yom Tovim. During the year, the men who attend the shul help with the davening and reading of the Torah, but for the Chagim, the Moetza Dati* sends us a Baal Tefillah*, Baal Kriah*, Baal Mussaf* and a Baal Tokea.*

The voices that these men have are such a Bracha. We have had the same group of men for the past five years. They make the davening so beautiful and meaningful. The Baal Tokea blew his shofar with such ease that it sounded like it was singing a melody. What a pleasure!

*Moetzi Dati..religious community council
*Baal Tefillah..the man who leads Shacharit
*Baal Mussaf..the man who leads Mussaf
*Baal Tokea..the man who blows the Shofar

I added a new link for you to visit. The Crisis Center for Religious Women. The site is in both English and Hebrew. Click the ‘about us’ and view the video. It is eye opening.

Here is a little introduction from their site of the work they do.

Since 1993 the Crisis Center for Religious Women has been providing emotional support, advice and referrals for women and children who are in crisis.

Their goals:
• to help women overcome crisis through emotional
support by telephone;
• to prevent further occurrences of abuse, violence
and rape through education;
• to increase awareness within the religious community to these sensitive topics.

If you are looking to give tzedaka this Yom Tov, please keep the Crisis Center in mind.

The link is:



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Gmar Chatima Tova