Saturday, October 26, 2019

Shabbat Morning....


Parsha Beresheit...

It is still dark
it is peaceful
it is quiet.

Slowly the day is starting
as the moon slips away
and the sun is rising
behind the fluffy clouds. 

The birds are soaring across the sky
chirping a lovely melody
as they search the ground for food.

Mother bird has found a piece of bread
placed safely in her beak
she flies away
to feed her children.

Big birds
enormous in size
little birds
as tiny as a speck
each with spectacular colours
sitting on top of a street light
with a bird’s eye view
I wonder what they are seeing.

For me
watching the birds
go about their day
marveling at the miracles of nature.
Hashem, who but You
could have created such a magnificent world.