Monday, October 25, 2010


Wishful Thinking……………

Here it is the end of October and the temperature outside is like the middle of July. Today in the Negev it is 30c and the weatherman says that it will be hotter tomorrow and the next day. On Thursday it will be 39c with low humidity.

Last Shabbat we had to run our air conditioner because the house was warm and uncomfortable. This is crazy. My son can’t believe it is the end of October and he is still wearing shorts.

We dearly need rain. The ground is dry and the trees are badly in need of water. Our citrus trees are shriveled up. We are now watering them with the drain water from the washing machine. Where, oh where is the rain?

Every drop of rain in Israel is a Bracha, but if I could have my wish, I would wish for snow. Covering the earth with a good blanket of snow would give all that grows a well deserved drink.

Since making Aliyah from Canada 16 years ago, the one thing that I miss is a good blizzard. How I loved to look out of my window and watch the snow fall.

The last time I saw a real blizzard, was a freak snowstorm about 10 years ago, when we lived in Gush Etzion. It snowed so much that the cars were buried. The next day it was gone.

Children and adults alike had a blast playing in the snow. Fathers were out with brooms sweeping the snow of their cars. For many it was the first time they had seen a real snowfall.

I remember about 18 years ago, when our two Israeli sons-in-law and daughters came to visit us in Hamilton. Light snow was forecasted, but the light snow turned into a full fledge blizzard. You know the kind with high winds. In the end we had close to three feet of snow [that’s a lot of snow].

Both sons-in-laws [one from the Negev and the other from B’nei Brak] had never seen snow. They stood outside in amazement and couldn’t understand why it wasn’t going down the sewers.

Five years ago, I heard that Ontario [where we lived] was being blanketed with snow, and so I wrote a poem called Winter Wonderland.

The snow is falling

the wind is blowing,

as I wish I could look out of my window

at the winter wonderland.

The trees are dressed

in their beautiful white clothes.

The children are playing and rolling in the snow.

I imagine children building a snowman

with a carrot nose

and charcoal for eyes and mouth.

Cars are being careful not to slip and slide.

The snow is still falling

the accumulation is starting to rise.

The weather report says 15 inches today.

Tomorrow the sun will shine

and today’s beautiful snow

will start to melt.

A winter wonderland

has many beautiful sights.


For me

I’ll take the long days of an Israeli summer

And just wish about the snow.
 Until next time……..