Monday, July 30, 2018

Who Will Protect Us? Who Will Speak For Us?


This blog is about forest animals, farm animals, birds, bees and molotov firebombs.  

I’m not an animal activist. I’m just a person who can’t stand the fact that innocent animals, birds and bees, which never did anything to Hamas are being abused in the worse way.  

This is why I am writing a blog. 

Quick Review  

Back in March, Hamas, a terrorist organization from Gaza, decided that an easy way to do a terror attack was to burn Israeli land in the South. They knew that fire would cause terror among the residents.

And so they took children’s kites and balloon’s and made them into weapons.  

They filled the balloons with helium, which the IDF said they stole from the hospital in Gaza, and attached a molotov firebomb to the tail and let it fly into Israel, fall and start a fire.

When they ran out of balloons they used condoms. Yes, you read correctly.  Today, they are using both balloons and small drones with gas canisters attached.

Thousands of dunams [acres] of Israeli forests and farmland have been burnt.  Burning balloons have landed in schoolyards and private homes.

Living in the forests are hundreds of small and large animals, from turtles to deer and everything in-between. These animals are being burnt to death alive trying to escape the fires. The fortunate ones, who do manage to survive, graze on burnt fields and have nothing to eat.  

We have farmers who have beehives. The last report said that 200+ beehives have been burnt. It is painful to see pictures of the bees trying to escape. A couple of weeks ago, Hamas caused a fire in a cowshed with the cows inside.  

Israeli firefighters do everything possible to save animals, but it is really an impossible job.  

In one of our Nature Reserve, a dead, burnt Falcon was found. It had a firebomb attached to its body. Its wing had gotten tangled in a tree. Hamas’s plan was to let the bird fly to Israel and have a canister explode.  

That was the final straw for me. After I saw the photo of the burnt, dead bird, I knew I had to do something. I wanted to know why after so many months, where was PETA? Why were they silent? PETA says they are the voice for animals. They are the protectors.  

On June 20th and July 9th, I posted blogs about the molotov fires. I wrote about the burned animals and asked where was PETA ? I was really surprised PETA hadn’t commented, after all they are always complaining about kosher slaughtering. At the end of this blog are the links to my two previous blogs. 

On Tuesday, July 16th, I sent an open letter to PETA on their Report Animal Cruelty page, explained the situation and asked them to condemn Hamas for the killings of innocent animals. 

I then posted my letter to PETA on my Facebook timeline with the contact link. Friends shared and took up the cause.  

Unknown to me at the time, a reporter took the situation a step further and contacted PETA for a statement.  

On Wednesday July 18th, in the Jerusalem Post, there was a very sterile statement from PETA.  

PETA’s statement: As human beings, every one of us at PETA is concerned about human civilians, children, and anyone else caught in the line of fire of any conflict. As an animal-protection organization, PETA notes that animals claim allegiance to no nation, don't choose sides, and can only rely on human beings to show them mercy, and it is unacceptable to use them as weapons of war.  

PETA did not condemn Hamas by name. I would like them to issue another statement condemning Hamas by name. PETA needs to receive complaints about their sterile statement. I don’t expect Hamas to stop the fires because PETA has named them. They will laugh it off. But PETA has a responsibility to publicly name the persons / organizations abusing animals. 

The link to contact PETA is..Peta condemn Hamas by name

I hope you will contact PETA. These animals are counting on us. Thank-you for your time. 

Until next time, feel free to comment and share.


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