Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A Different Direction


Since the early 1970’s, I have been working and teaching young children. When we made Aliyah in 1994, I continued for several years to work with children in a moan [day care]. Today, I feel I am burnt out.
Twelve years ago, we moved to Modi’in. There was a new language school that had just opened, offering a course for native speakers on how to teach English as a second language to Israeli children. The one requirement other than being a native speaker was that you have five years previous experience teaching or working with children. I had many more years than five.

After completing the course and working for the school for six months [their requirement, as they offered an after school English chug for children], I decided that I needed to be my own boss and set my work hours and days. I advertised English lessons from my home and when I got my first student I was just thrilled.
Over the years I have been teaching and tutoring English as a second language and have designed an enrichment program for native English speaker so that they would not loose their language and reading skills. Each of my students has a personal program that suits their needs.

The last few months have been a real drag and the fun is over. It is time for me to take a break and try a different direction. I believe that a good teacher has to know when she is not doing a good job.
I have always admired handmade jewelry. The other day, a dear friend sent me a beautiful handmade necklace. She has become my mentor. I tried my hand once and made a necklace that looks like a five year old made it.  But I am creative and have made beautiful wall hangings that I have hanging in our home.

I am going to take a professional jewelry course given by a very talented lady who comes highly recommended. She will teach me the art of using stones and beads. I’m excited and hope I will be successful.  When I make some nice pieces, I will post them on a blog. 
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