Sunday, March 3, 2019

The Creative Side Of Me................

I haven’t blogged for awhile. Every time I wanted to sit down and blog a few words, there was always something else for me to do...

I have always enjoyed hand work.

When I was a young girl, my mother a”H taught me how to knit. I can’t tell you how many scarves I started but never finished.  One time I saw a pattern for a sweater and I asked my mother [who could knit quickly and beautifully] to knit it for me. she said “no, you do it, and I’ll help you.”

Well, I started my project and guess what, it was harder than I thought, didn’t want to ask for help, so I put it aside...

One day, my Bubby a”H asked me how the sweater was coming along. I told her it was too hard and she being the great Bubby she was, told me to give her the pattern and she would finish it for me. A week later, she gave me my beautiful finished sweater.

Time passed, life went on and when my children were young, I learnt how to needlepoint. I loved do the needlework and made many wall hangings including a large carpet wall hanging. 

For my young son’s room, I made a little chassidic boy with the sweetest face and long peyot. We named the little boy Shlomie. Today, Shlomie hangs in the bedroom of 2 of my grandsons.

My mother-in-law a”H had an old Singer sewing machine. When she bought her new one, my husband [who knows how to sew] asked her for the Singer.

We made throw pillows, sewed doll and animal patterns and made toys. We also made several curtains. I even managed to follow a pattern and made a couple of skirts. 

When my daughters were in the Ulpana, they learnt to crochet kippot. I asked them to teach me to crochet, they tried, but I couldn’t catch on.. 😔

Many years passed.....and I became a senior. After much nagging from our yishuv social worker, I joined a 60+ mosaic and ceramic chug at our moetza. 

I found my passion..I was like a fish to water.. I caught on right away and I created my first mosaic picture

My teacher suggested I try making a piece from ceramics. We had a fabulous supply of broken tiles, cups and plates. Using my imagination I made an abstract... Have a look.

I was having a blast. I waited for Sunday morning all week... I attended this chug for 2 years...

I took my enjoyment one step further, bought wood & stones and started making creations at home...

I found that working and creating relaxed me. My son made a comment that I like everything done ‘yesterday’, but for this I could sit and sit and sit.

My first home creation was a hanger piece for my great-granddaughter’s room. I came out okay, but truth be told, today, I would have made it better....

My next creative projects was using cord,wool,fish tank stones, and domino blocks.

How do you like my Hot Air balloon? This was fun to make...

For my son’s room, I made a peaceful sailboat

And for one of my grandsons who loves soccer

For my daughters 

Last week I finished my abstract pinwheel.

I have so many more creations, to many to post. Every inch of wall has something...

Creating give me a sense of accomplishment. Like photographs, the pieces are for now to enjoy and for the future. It is leaving a piece of me.

That’s all for now
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