Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Rockets and Fire...

Since 2001, Palestinian terrorists have fired fifteen thousand plus rockets and mortars at Israel from the Gaza Strip as part of their plan to drive Israelis out of Israel and drown in the sea.

In 2005, in the month of August, the Israeli government of the time, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, ordered the IDF to expelled 10,000 Jewish citizens from their homes and land in Gush Katif.

The Sharon government was convinced that if they move the Jewish residents out of Gaza, and improve the lives of the Gazans, Hamas would stop firing rockets and become good citizens. He was also out to please the American President and the world.  

The government destroyed their homes, but left community centers, schools, land to build apartments, greenhouses, all to improve the lives of the Gazan people. 

How did Hamas say thank-you, “we will build apartments for our people”, by firing thousands of rockets at communities in the South.

And the land for apartments, well it became terror training camps. The everyday people received no improvements to their lives.

Being a terrorist is a job and a well paying job at that. There is a set monthly allowance for injuring and maiming Israelis and if you kill an Israeli, there is a big bonus. If you are arrested and while you are in prison, your family will receive a monthly allowance. If you are killed, your family will be looked after for life.

Hamas has no respect for life. Young children act as human shields for cowardly terrorists, dig tunnels, have bomb belts strapped to their little bodies and become suicide bombers when the bomb goes off remotely. Nice people right?

Women are dispensable and are told by their husbands to be terrorists. They hide knives under their clothes and stab Israeli soldiers. 

Donkeys have had bomb belts attached to their body and when they get near a soldier they are blown up. Where is PETA when you need them?

The newest terror weapons are children’s kites. Hamas terrorists build kites,  attach a Molotov firebomb to the tail and let the wind gently float across the Gaza fence and when it falls in Israel, it explodes on Southern farmers fields and starts a fire. 

And when they ran out of kites, Hamas used balloons. They fill the balloon with helium, that they stole from hospitals, attach a molotov bomb to the string and again let the wind blow it to Israel and explode.

No more kites or balloons, no problem, Hamas is now using condoms as balloons.

According to reports, because of kite terrorism, approximately 400 fires have consumed more than 30,000 hectares of crops, forests and nature reserves. The damage to the farmers and their property is estimated at more than NIS 7 million and growing. 

Sheep and goats have nowhere to graze. Fox, deer and many small animals that live in the forest are suffocated and burnt alive to death because they have nowhere to run and hide. It will take years for the land to be rejuvenated.

On Tuesday, after a day of many fires, at 1:15a.m., when everyone was asleep, Hamas fired 45 rockets at southern communities until 5:30a.m. Many families slept in their bomb shelters.

One rocket exploded next to a kindergarten. The explosions of rockets broke windows in houses and cars and caused other damage. B”H there weren’t any physical injuries reported, but emotional injuries, I ‘m sure there were many.

The IDF answered the rockets with 25 hits in Gaza. We had booming all night and the iron dome did its job. 

As I write this blog there are fires still burning.

I am posting a video of the burnt land. It is heart breaking to look at but very necessary to understand what Israelis are living with. The video has some Hebrew, but the truth is no language is necessary. The video speaks for itself. After you view the video, please share it. Two Months of Fire

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