Friday, October 23, 2015

Longing For a Quiet Day..

Those of you who live in Chutz L’Aretz [outside of Israel] and are keeping up with the news from Israel, are aware that there has been many serious arab terror attacks not just in Yehuda and Shomron but also in Tel Aviv, Raanana, Beer Sheva, Bet Shemesh, Afula and Jerusalem all Israeli cities.

The arabs have different methods of attacking Israelis. They stab with very sharp knives, hoping to cause maximum injuries or death, they ram their cars into pedestrians waiting at bus stops, they shoot, throw boulders and molotov firebombs at passing cars, they infiltrate into kibbutzim  and yishuvim and of course don’t forget rockets and missiles fired at the south.

Terrorist are getting younger and younger. Thirteen, fifteen, seventeen and up these children are emotionally abused by family, teachers and clerics from birth until adulthood. They are brainwashed to hate Jews and Israelis.

In kindergarten, they sing and do plays about killing Jews. They have a dress-up corner and pretend they are Hamas fighters. The summer is spent in Terror Camp, with more brainwashing learning how to kill.

Warning..the next two videos are nauseating. 

Tell me, if this is normal? Young arab men are asked what they want to do to Jews.

Or this?
"I want to stab a Jew", a young preschool girl tells her father. And he answers her, "Allah willing, my dear."

Last week, a thirteen year old arab and his fifteen year old cousin stabbed a thirteen year old Jewish boy driving his bike. The boy is supposed to have his bar-mitzvah next month. Today he lies in a hospital bed still critical.

And the terrorist..the 13 year old was run over by a citizen when he was fleeing. He was taken to Hadassa Ein Karen hospital in Jerusalem, where he received superb care. His 15 year old cousin was captured by the IDF.

Oh, by the way this is the boy that Abbas said was murdered in cold blood.

Does he look dead to you? He looks pretty much alive to me. 

And the other morning, another 15 year old arab girl tried to infiltrate into a yishuv in the Shomron. 

Fortunately, our IDF chayalim were able to stop her before she caused any injuries.

We had a serious attack at the Central Bus Station in Beer Sheva where a young soldier was murdered and 10 were injured..

A man from Kiryat Arba was murdered after his car was stoned with boulders. For some reason he got out of the car and was ambushed by a truck who ran back and forth over him.

Today [Thursday], two terrorists in Ramat Bet Shemesh tried to get onto a school bus filled with children. The driver didn’t let them on and drove away.  Being persistent, they then tried to get onto a second bus. The driver once again drove away. They then tried to enter a shul [synagogue] where they stabbed a young man as the police were arriving. The police shot them.

We have had many IDF chayalim and chayalot [soldiers] shot, stabbed or run over while protecting us. Some are now stable and others are still in critical condition.

These terror attacks I have mentioned are just the tip of the list. Mentioning all would fill many pages.

*Tova Goldman posted an excellent blog on the Times of Israel called Terror is Personal Have a look!

Reading the blog, Tova's words struck me. Terror is personal. My married daughters go to work every morning, their children go to school or college. They are out and about living their lives and Arabs are everywhere. 

On Tuesday, there was terror attack in Gush Etzion [near Jerusalem] 5 minutes from where my daughter lives and works. The attack happened at the time when she leaves work.

The first time I called her she didn’t answer, nor the second time. Where was she? My heart was beating so fast. Five minutes later, she called and said she and my grandson were okay. Why didn’t she answer, because she was looking for her son who passes this corner around this time. 

My other daughter told me today that when she goes to work, she has to pass several bus loads of arabs who work on construction sites in Netivot and are waiting to be picked up. 

I shudder to think, any one of these arabs could sneak away and G-D forbid do a terrorist attack in the city. 

And don’t get me started on missiles. My husband, son and I live on the same yishuv 9kms from Gaza. [about 5 ½ miles] as our daughter, son-in-law and their 7 children.

Three of their children go to school 2 km from Gaza. Missiles have exploded on the road their school bus takes and in their schoolyard. Several years ago, a school bus travelling this road was hit by a missile and a teenage boy was killed.

The missile fired Wednesday evening, exploded not far from their school. 

Other granddaughters go to the Ulpana in Sderot. Sderot has seen thousands of rockets over the years. Our youngest grandson goes to gan [kindergarten] on our yishuv. Missiles have exploded on and near our yishuv.

We have grandchildren in school and yeshiva in Gush Etzion, where there have been many terror attacks.

And so you see the terror attacks are really personal.

When is this round of terror going to end? That’s the question of the day.

May all the injured have a refuah shelaima [speedy recovery].

That’s all for now.  Feel free to comment and share.

*Thank-you Bracha Goldman for giving me permission to mention Tova.

Postscript: As of today, October 25th. MDA has summarized the ongoing wave of terror by noting that 10 people have been murdered and 127 injured. Of the wounded victims, 14 were badly injured, 19 moderately wounded, and 94 lightly wounded. In addition, 65 people were treated for trauma.


  1. Very good article.


  2. Thank you for expressing all our feelings.
    Shabbat Shalom


  3. metsuyan, Miriam!

    Your article made it all personal, also! Joseph and I will be going to Israel in February! It is our way to connect our lives with the mishpacah and show that fear will never stop Zionism! We pray for you and your whole family great protection under HaShem's watchful eye!

  4. Miriam you write well , thank you for this blog , I will read it each time you post , easily understood and easy to empathise with.


  5. Wow, you really wrote a mouthful.
    Good job, summing up life in Israel as a PROUD Israeli.
    Keep on writing these blogs,they are great.The state dept. is going to hire you for "hasbara".

  6. Great blog post and my comments have already been said above by others. Devorah's comment made me laugh because it's very true. Keep up the good work, Miriam. Proud to be your friend!

  7. While all this is true and requires a great deal of Emunah and Bitachon to live here, it is worthwhile noting that we are still safer living in Israel than in the U.S. Statistically your chances of being murdered in the U.S. are far higher than in Israel, even at times when "stuff" is happening here. Canada's low murder rate seems to be similar to Israel's.


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