Sunday, July 1, 2012

Yerushalayim ours FOREVER!


Last week, a friend of mine, Tamar Yonah, posted an excellent blog called The Appetite For Jerusalem. Her first line says...WE JUST CAN'T BE LEFT ALONE. HOW MANY WAYS CAN THEY TRY TO SPLIT JERUSALEM? Tamar, an excellent question.


For the past 3,500 years, since King David proclaimed Yerushalayim the capital of Israel, Jerusalem has been our capital city. Since 1967, Jerusalem has been our undivided capital city and shall remain so forever!


So why does the world scream, Jerusalem is disputed land, divide Jerusalem, make the eastern part of the city the capital of the state the Palestinians want.


Well world…here is a newsflash for you…there isn’t anything to dispute about Jerusalem. Jerusalem is not for sale, not going to be divided and will remain our undivided capital city..period! 


As far as I am concerned, any country that considers Tel Aviv the capital of Israel and chooses to open their embassy there, instead of in our capital Jerusalem, can close down, pack up and leave. What chutzpah!


Back to Tamar’s blog.. The question I see is why do they want to split Jerusalem. And the answer is because our government is not forceful enough in stating the fact Jerusalem is ours… They pussyfoot instead of stating no negotiations on Jerusalem”. The left of our country agrees with the world, “let the Pals have the eastern part”, they say… they just don’t understand how precious this city is to us.


And this ramble opens the door for the world to step in…Our government needs to shut the door tightly for once and for all.


Education is the key here. Our school children must learn the beauty of Jerusalem, the why and how this great city became our capital.


Jerusalem must be a mandatory field trip every year for all grades. Holy sites must be visited, especially the Kotel. Our children have to develop a love and respect for our undivided city.


The IDF now brings every chayal and chayalet during basic training to Jerusalem. They visit the kotel. It is a beautiful sight to see these young chayalim and chayalot standing in front of the wall. For many it is their first visit.


Did you know that the Midrash teaches us that Jerusalem is known by seventy names? Some of the names are: Shalem, Moriah, Ariel, Zion and of course Yerushalayim the most common name of the city in the Chumash [five books of Moses]. The Midrash says the word derives from yireh (see), the name Avraham used  – G-d sees – and salem, which means whole, or peace. 


The first archaeological find of the name Yerushalayim written in Hebrew was discovered near the town of Lachish in a burial cave dating from the 6th century BCE.


I fear for my precious city. I fear that there will be a war of words. May Hashem guide and give our government leaders the ability to stay strong and never allow our city to be divided.


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  1. Wow, that was great. Strong words, I liked it.

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  3. Great blog!


  4. I really liked your article on Jerusalem...unsure if we can hold out forever though, but if they make a wrong move, it will be in our favor!


  5. My daughter Naomi sent me this comment about my grandson Dvir...

    Did you know that Dvir is the name of the kodesh kodashim and Dvir is also a name for Jerusalem?



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