Sunday, July 13, 2014

And What About the Animals..........

During this rain of missiles a segment of Israeli society that the media is not reporting about are our four legged pets and farm animals.

Living on a Yishuv we have many dogs and cats.  The cats hid under cars and the outside dogs howl. These poor creatures are terrified.

There are residents of the south who have left their homes because of missiles and have unfortunately left their pets behind to fend for themselves.

My friends who have dogs all say that their pets are suffering and that their behavior during this time is not their norm. Some have stopped eating, they need and want extra attention and others just bark morning, noon and night.

We have a sweet 3 year old Beagle mix that lives in the house. Patches is traumatized, suffering from anxiety from all the noise. Move a chair, she barks.  Patches barks like crazy whenever there is a siren, but knows that she must run to our safe room and can’t leave until I tell her “okay, you can go.”

Across the street from us is a Moshav that has farm animals. Usually they are very noisy only in the early morning and at dusk. During the day we rarely hear them. This week, we hear the sheep and goats all day long. They too are suffering from the terror. This past Erev Shabbat, my son and I were sitting outside when we saw the  sheppard bringing his heard back to the Moshav from grazing in a field across the way.

The wailing sound of the siren went off. We ran into the house. When we could go back out we saw the sheppard chasing a couple of baby sheep and heard them crying.  They were petrified.

Last week, a missile exploded when it hit a barn and cows were killed and injured. The milk sold from these cows was someone’s parnassa [livelihood].

Why did I write this posting? Because I would like you to see that every segment of society, men, women, children, the young, the elderly, our pets, farm animals and strays are suffering one way or another from terror. Enough already….this is not the way to live.

We have a well trained, highly motivated air force and army that are defending our nation with pride and doing whatever necessary to STOP THE MISSILES.

They need to be allowed to finish the job for once and for all and not be pulled away before that.

Am Yisrael Chai!



Chaya said...

I wish you had a 'like' button on this. Well written and I'm sure, eye-opening to many! May Hashem continue to shower us all with miracles!

Yosef said...

We have 4 dogs, 3 from Gush Katif. We now live in Nitzan, some 20 km from the Gazan border., Max is very old and doesn't hear - he's not bothered by the booms. Bravo, Maggie (our golden) and Sweetie generally go to the security room in our house on their own with the onset of the missile alert siren. Maggie suffers from post trumatic stress from her early years in Gush Katif due to the frequent mortar attacks there. She also panics during Purim and Yom HaAtzmaut due to fireworks. We wouldn't dream of leaving Nitzan due to the "matzav" and would certainly not leave our pets (family members) behind.

Yosef Shomron

Yocheved Miriam said...

Beautiful blog -- thank you!

Yocheved Miriam

Mignon said...

I am crying as I read this post.......of course they are traumatized poor, poor souls!!!! My heart breaks


Anonymous said...

Miriam, important blog.
I will share this with everyone I know.

Shari said...

As a animal activist I will make this go virile. Well written blog.


Rafi said...

Well said Miriam... Very sad.