Thursday, June 12, 2014

And Talia Wanted a Piranha

Next week, our granddaughter Talia Bracha will G-D willing become a Bat- Mitzvah.

My husband and I asked her what she would like for a gift and she answered,“ a piranha in an aquarium”. After, shaking my head in amazement and asking why, she said “that’s what I want.”

Talk about strange requests from a bat-mitzvah girl.

Her mother, our daughter Devorah added, “she asked us for the same gift and we said no.”

And then I asked her if she wanted jewelry and Talia very politely, almost apologizing said “I have enough jewelry Safta.” “Would you like a watch, I asked, “I don’t need one. Safta, why don’t you just get me a surprise.”

And so, what to buy was back in our lap. We started to rack our brain as to what to buy our granddaughter who appreciates what she has and is not a princess.

Come September, Talia will be going to the Ulpana in Sedrot. The girls have many trips and spend some Shabbatot together. We decided to get her a suitcase and tote bag.

In Netivot, we have several stores that carry these bags, but I was looking for something special. Devorah told me that Talia likes pink and purple. I wanted a something youthful, in pink or purple and durable.

The last store we went to had just what we were looking for.

Mazal-Tov Talia! You are a very special young lady. May Hashem always be by your side and guide you all your life. We look forward to celebrating with you next week.

Mazal-Tov Devorah and Hagai. You have given us a beautiful family.

That’s all for now
Shabbat Shalom
Safta Miriam


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