Monday, July 21, 2014

Toda Raba Dear Soldiers.........

Thank-you dear chayalim and chayalot
of the Israel Defense Force.

for your service
in defending our nation.

Thank-you dear reservist
for answering the call
to serve
so that our country will not fall.

Many have sacrificed their life
So that we can live in our homeland
Baruch Dayan HaEmet
May your blood be avenged.

To those who are serving
all over our precious land
our prayers are with you
for success and good health.

May the Hand of the One Above
watch over you
night and day
and bring you home safely
into the arms of your family.

May Hashem watch over and protect all our chayalim and chayalot.
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  1. Lovely, Miriam Goodman. Words from the heart enter the heart.

    Freyda Minna

  2. Miriam our chayalim and chayalot defended our country with so much motivation and love. They believed in the mission.

    Your poem is beautiful.



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