Friday, November 7, 2014

Shepping Nachas

Baruch Hashem, my husband Avraham and I have been blessed with thirteen precious Sabra grandchildren.

Since the day they were born, we have enjoyed their lives…the ups and down.. our little babies growing and becoming toddlers, the first haircuts, a preschooler, elementary school, Bar and Bat Mitzvot, Ulpana, Yeshiva, Sherut Leumi, chayalim, and higher education.

And this past Moetzi Shabbat we had another first in our lives as Saba and Safta…our first grandchild to get engaged and become a Kallah.

Our granddaughter Batel and her chatan Chanan announced their engagement. The happiness and excitement their announcement brought to our family cannot be expressed in words…

Last night was the vort. A vort is a Yiddish word that means ‘word’. At the vort 2 people traditionally give their ‘word’ and formally commit to marry. 

Our daughter and son-in-law, parents of the Kallah, invited the chatan’s parents, his siblings and his Saba to their home and we had the opportunity to meet Chanan’s wonderful family. 

The gathering was so relaxed and beautiful.  My daughter cooked up a storm and everything was delicious.  Around the table, brachot were showered on the happy couple.

Yesterday was my Hebrew birthday. Naomi announced it at the table and a chorus of Happy Birthday in Hebrew and English was sung. Without a doubt this was the best birthday gift I could have ever asked for.  

In a couple of weeks we will enjoy the engagement party and then look forward to the chuppah and dancing at their wedding.

Mazal-Tov Batel and Chanan! May Hashem grant you both a life filled with Brachas, happiness, good health and much nachas.

To the parents of the Chatan and Kallah, we wish you both Mazal-Tov and may you only have nachas and simchas from your children.

That’s all for now. Feel free to comment.

Shabbat Shalom


  1. What more can I add to this beautiful testament of life? Mazal Tov and may one simcha lead to the next!

  2. Very inspiring. Wishing you many more simchot


  3. So sweet, what a blessing to be part of a family.


  4. Mazal-Tov, mazal-Tov to everyone.


  5. Very Beautiful. We wish you All Good Health, Happiness
    and the pleasures of sharing special moments, together
    with Family & Friends. Mazel Tov.

  6. Lovely! Mazal-Tov


  7. Much Mazel to the entire family!


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