Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tzeva Adom, Tzeva Adom........

This is my one hundredth posting on Miriam’s Words. I wanted this post to be light and fun. Blogging is a hobby.... Unlike serious bloggers who blog daily, I blog when I have time. I never truly believed I would reach 100 postings....  

But we live in difficult times and I just couldn’t bring myself to post a fun blog.   

Will you please bear with me? I once again have the need to put pen to paper [or for this blog sit down at the computer] and vent my thoughts..

As I have written before, my family and I live in the south of Israel, the Negev. We live in a war zone, never knowing when or where a rocket will explode... 

Children are afraid to play outside, go to school and go to sleep. They are afraid a missile will hit them and they will die or their family will die. The elderly are suffering from fear...fear that they can’t get to the safe room on time. Depression among citizens is very high. Enjoying a Shabbat meal or going for a Shabbat walk is something we can’t take for granted.  A siren can sound at any time.  

The situation is impossible, residents are told not to leave their shelters. Over a million Israeli citizens are held hostage! 

On Sunday, Israel Hayom Newsletter, headline read:

Why isn’t the government doing something so that the residents of Eshkol or any other Southern community are not stuck in or around their shelters for days?

When will the terror end? When will our government take our plight seriously? Why are they so afraid of world opinion? Relying on the iron dome, sending in the IAF to kill a terror cell or two, bombing a weapons tunnel are all band aids and frankly a little insulting to southern residents.
Aren’t we citizens? We pay taxes. Many have served our country with dignity. The job of the government is to protect its citizens........where is our protection?

Enough already! Time to reenter Gaza to return and repopulate the land with its rightful owners..... Us! The Jewish people!

May the Hand of Hashem continue to protect Am Yisrael!

This is a Grad Missile that landed in Sedot Negev


This is the large crater it made.


Until next time. Please feel free to comment and share.


  1. Miriam, thanks for posting. It is so important for the world to know what life is like in the the Negev.
    Pray that our politicians get wisdom.

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  3. Can't we DO something - like march to the Knesset - is anyone there? - to make them sit up and take notice! It's disgusting the way the government has allowed / allows this to continue, year after year, day after day.

  4. Batya,
    The politicians don't get the message all by themselves. We need to get it to them!
    Yasher Koach Miriam, for keeping us edgy.

  5. While I do not agree with your suggested solution, I appreciate your right to express it, and I empathize with your frustrations and fears about living in this region under the realities in which we are forced to run our daily lives.

  6. Miriam, it is with much gratitude that we outside Israel appreciate you taking the time to air your concerns and frustrations. You are in a war zone. You tell a story that is not often heard. Be safe.

    An American

  7. Dear Miriam,
    I want to thank you for your recent post here. In the last several days I have been following the news in Arutz7 and have been wondering why the news is still calling those people who are obviously at WAR with Israel terrorists!
    I mean in all of human history there have been wars, but only in our days have the enemies been called, terrorists. The Vietnam conflict was never officially a war, but that is what we called it. And the enemy was the Viet-cong! or the north Vietnamese. But nobody ever called them, terrorists; even though that is surely what they were to the south-Vietnamese people that America went to help defend.
    In your hundredth posting here in "Miriam's Words," I would like to stretch forth my hand as a watchman on the wall and sound the Shofar for you and all of Israel.
    Turn to see the Words that speak in you and hear their command: What you see write in a book!! Write the vision!! For it is written that without it my people perish!!
    אליהו דוד

  8. You told it as it is! Your gift for words just makes the message that much stronger!!! I pray that one grad, just one, be fired at Herzylia, Givatayim, or Tel Aviv - places where the 'movers and the shakers' hang out.... of course I'd want NOBODY hurt-- just to shake them out of their da*n apathy! We are damaged goods here in southern Israel. Otherwise the country would have awoken long before now to our plight and done more to stop this untenable situation!


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