Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Grandparents are Special Invitation.................


There are many articles and poems written about
grandparents who have many special names. Bubby and Zeidi,
Grandma and Grandpa, Saba and Safta and so the list goes on.

If you look up the word grandparent in the dictionary, the definition is one who has a grandchild’. ‘The parent of the mother or father.'

For my husband and I, being Saba and Safta is more than just a matter of fact. We could hardly wait for our new precious life to be born. A continuation of our family.

A grandparent is one who gives their grandchildren unconditional love, who is ready with open arms and a soft shoulder to console tears and any other problems.

A grandparent shouldn’t give unsolicited advice or criticism to the grandchild or the parents. Grandparents need to always remember that they raised their children and now that they are parents they must be allowed to raise their children.

A grandparent sits on the floor with the baby and play with rattles and soft toys. A grandparent will build magnificent buildings with a toddler, share an imaginary cup of tea, play the same game or read the same story over and over again. And in the case of an emergency a grandparent will volunteer to baby-sit.
A grandparent has to know that when the parents says ‘no’ it means ‘no’.

We are filled with joy when the grandchildren come to visit. We save and hang up all those special drawings for everyone to see. I have a wall in my computer room that I display all those special drawings. 

We enjoy every special milestone and a see each grandchild as a special blessing.

My husband and I have been blessed and granted thirteen precious Sabra grandchildren. I feel truly sorry for grandparents who are so busy with themselves that they deny themselves the true joy of being a grandparent. These grandparents also deny their grandchildren the pleasure of having grandparents.

Back in 2003, I started a Yahoo group called Grandparents are Special.
I wanted to keep my group private and so I opted out from the Yahoo directory. The membership list is moderated by me. This way I can keep advertisers and those who want to send spam away.

Since 2003, our group has had good months with high traffic and not so good months. I must admit that over the past few months I have really neglected the group.

Today, I sent out postings saying that I wanted to revive our group and increase the membership.

We have members from Israel, America, Canada and the UK.

I invite all grandparents to join and for mothers and fathers to tell their parents about our group.     

The group’s description on the front page is:
Our grandchildren are the jewels of our lives. If you are a long time grandparent or a grandparent in waiting, this is the group for you!

Grandchildren call their grandparents Saba and Safta, Bubby and Zeidi, Grandma and Grandpa, and many other special names. In this group we can have discussions, tell anecdotes, polls, give grand parenting tips, trade recipes, or discuss what is on your mind.

Have a problem, bring it to the list and get it off your chest. So JOIN today and let's get this list going. No advertising or foul language will be allowed.

The groups address is:  
Until next time....feel free to join my group, comment and please do share.
Safta Miriam       


  1. Great blog!
    Sign me up


  2. Being a Bubbi is a very special privileged. Beautiful blog.



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