Monday, October 12, 2015

Arab Terror in my Country

“Aren’t you afraid to live in Israel” is the most common question I get these days from my friends on Facebook who live in Chutz L'Aretz [outside of Israel].

They continue, “It’s so dangerous, the Arabs want to kill you. Aren’t you afraid to go outside. What about your grandchildren, aren’t you afraid for them. Why don’t you go back to Canada for awhile.”

My answer to each question is the same. “We are not afraid. Israel is our homeland. Twenty-one years ago, my husband, son and I came home from Canada [our daughter’s came a few years earlier to attend a one year seminary program, fell in love with the country and didn’t come back to Canada] and we will never allow anyone to chase us out of our homeland.

We have faith in Hashem that He will protect us and we have faith in our army, the IDF, who serve our country with pride and honour.” Presently, we have a grandson serving in a tank unit. Two other grandsons have finished their services and are now reservists. 

I pray that Hashem will watch over each and every chayal and chayalot [soldiers] and keep them safe.

My family and I have lived in the Negev, in the South for the past ten years. We live 9km [about 5 ½ miles] from Gaza. We have been the recipient of many Grad Missiles. Some exploding not far from our home.

We hear IAF jets and helicopters pretty regularly, the drone buzzes in our ear for hours. We hear the booms from Gaza and we hear our IDF responding when an arab tries to infiltrate the security fence and get into one of the border kibbutzim.

Truth be told, we love the South and wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.

We haven’t any special self defense training. We follow the instructions of our army and Pikud H'Oref [Israel Home front].

We don’t allow Hamas terror to keep us from doing what we need to do. We take taxis, buses and tremp [hitchhike].

We keep our eyes and ears open and on occasion have called the police when we saw a large package left unattended. 

Fortunately, each package was not a bomb. The police told us they would rather be called for nothing, than allow a package to blow and cause possible injuries.

Many years ago, when we lived not far from Jerusalem, my then 17 year old son was in a terror attack on the Ben Yehuda promenade in Jerusalem. He lost a friend that day and had glass slivers in his neck.

The next day, he told me that he wanted to go back to the terror site. He said that Jerusalem is our city and if I’m afraid to go to Jerusalem, the terrorist win. He was right, we let him go.

As I post this blog, Jerusalem has seen three serious arab terror attacks in the past couple of hours. 

Innocent Israelis, going about their business stabbed and or shot. Why you ask? Because they are Jews and Israelis. One 13 year old boy was riding his bike when the terrorist attacked him. He is now fighting for his life. Is this normal?

We have a democratically elected government and I pray that Hashem gives them the wisdom and strength to use a strong hand to end this terror, whatever that may entail and not worry about the outside world, what Obama will say, the UN [Useless Nations], or the EU. 

We have every right to defend ourselves like every other country in the world would do. No government anywhere would allow their citizens to be under attack day and night.

That’s all for now. Feel free to comment and share.



Tuesday, October 13th 2:00 p.m.
Today has been a horrible day.I just posted on my Face book page the following.

Baruch Dayan Emet
Refuah Shelayma to the injured
Hashem we need you!
5 attacks this morning
3 Jews murdered
27 wounded
When is this terror going to stop!   


Chaya said...

Perfect! Thanks. (and I didn't know your son was in that pigua so thanks for sharing that as well. May he never know of such things again)

Jaclyn Barnes said...

Miriam,I loved your post came here 5 years ago and live,with my son and his family.Getting to watch my two granddaughters grow up.Israel is my home for better or worse I would never think about,going back to America.Even though I have family @ friends there.
Right now I would be more sacred to live in America,with wants going on.
At least we have are IDF to protect us thank God,for them.
Take care.
Shalom,Jaclyn Barnes

lilo97423 said...

Thank you for sharing your experiences with everyone.
They helps us to understand life in Israel so much better.
Israel is safe because Hashem and the IDF keep her safe.
Am Yisrael Chai.

Sally said...

Thank you for that ,it is so empowering for us who live in other countries but worry about our fellow Jews and feel impotent.


Michael said...

Yishar Koach!


Sara said...

People not living in Israel especially those in Europe, UK and USA don't realise yet, how terribly unprotected and unready they and their police/security are. I agree with you, this is our home, no matter what! We came, not just for the good times, but also for the times of trouble. You don't run from your home and family when the vermin get out of control. In the Gulf war, we offered our girls to return to family in the UK. They were in their early teens and felt we should give them the option. Their answer was 'And what about our friends who have nowhere to run? If we go now, how can we ever come back and look into their faces? We decided to come as a family, and this is our home.'


Irene said...


Bracha said...

Well said, Miriam Goodman. Our strength is in our belief. The eyes of G-d are on Israel and the Jews always, and we will overcome, as we have survived for 2000 years those who wish to annihilate us. True, there are terror attacks, and people are hurt and killed, but the big picture is that here in Israel is where we are safest, where the Jews belong, in our natural habitat, given to us by G-d. The Torah portion we just read, Breishit, In the Beginning, gives us G-d's "credentials" - He is the Creator, He is the One G-d, the Jews are His chosen people, and Israel is the land He has chosen for us.


Devorah said...

Well done!
You put into words exactly what I feel. I am not afraid of Arabs. Yes, I am careful and keep both my eyes and ears open but no Arab will expell me from my homeland.

Annie said...

wonderful answer , I love it....:o)) thanks miriam

Netivotgirl said...

Beautiful and very moving Miriam! I agree 100%; I too feel safest here and would never leave. May Hashem watch over your grandson and all our IDF boys!

Hilary said...

Miriam, you are an inspiration - thank you xx

Stan said...

Your updates and information are an amazing way for us in Canada to keep aware of the ever evolving situation.
We certainly pray for your health & safety and ultimately peace for all in the Land of Israel and for Jews around the world. Be Well.


reload223 said...

Amen.. wonderful heart felt words . I stand with you and Israel.

Bernie said...

Thank you for the inspiring and comforting words

Stay well and hopefully this crisis will end soon.