Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Winter Gardening............

I have written many blogs about our beautiful garden. 

After many years of neglect, [we moved in 16 months ago] Avraham and I tackled the land cleaning, [more garbage than you can imagine], weeding, designing our garden and planting.

Our  house is on a half dumun of land with many fruit trees more dead than alive. So we had our work cut out.

By the Summer, the trees were producing some fruit and our garden was blooming beautifully. Truth be told, Avraham did most of the work. He babied the land diligently watering and weeding.

Many neighbours passed to say Kol HaKovad..the garden never looked so beautiful. Then, Baruch Hashem the first rain came and so did the weeds. Once again he weeded and cleaned up everything.  

But we all know what happens after a good rain and then brilliant got it... our weeds are growing and they are very healthy.

Our beautiful garden was a mess.

This morning, Avraham and I donned our work gloves, took out the turiya [hoe] and rake and started the ardent job of weeding down to the roots.

Overhead, very high up, we had the constant companion of helicopters circling Ma'agalim.

Our garden looks better. G-D willing, we will have more rain and the cycle of weeds will be back and Avraham will be out again tending our holy land.

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Judi said...

Hey Miriam

You can do my lawn wheneverr you want. Fun Blog


shoshana kleiman said...

I bet most of the weeds in your garden are edible. And since you've been tending the garden, they are probably organic.

Have fun cultivating.

Fayge said...

Miriam enjoyed your blog.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Miriam, your blog was wonderful. Somehow, there is nothing that brings you closer to HaShem's world than digging into His soil. Kol HaKavod.
I remember, after moving into the Shomron, beginning our gardens there. It was a very special feeling.
The previous blog, however, really brought the current day up to focus.
Yes, reading the news can quite often get you down.
It was like bringing us back to times from "oldtimes." Ugh. The media does it own thing. Rare are the truthful ones.