Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thank-you for the Magical Roller Coaster Ride...............

One day last week, I received an e-mail from a long time friend from Montreal, Phyllis R. She sent me a link to an interview that was on radio station CJAD, a very popular Montreal station. The email said... this posting is for former Montrealers …. all nostalgia buffs out there, you will love this.   
Being born and raised in Montreal, I clicked the link and heard an amazing interview between the radio host Aaron Rand and Barry Zbar a former Montrealer now living in Toronto, and who started a Facebook page a year ago, called Montreal Memories. 

Barry invited Montrealers and former Montrealers to join his page and enjoy a magical roller coaster ride of days gone bye.

I joined and told my husband to join and sent messages to some of my Montreal friends and family to come and have fun.

And fun it has been! Reminiscing where we went to school, favorite teachers, and not so favorite teachers, popular restaurants and hang outs that aren’t around any more, and pictures galore. Bus tickets that cost 15 cents a ride, Montreal Canadiens our famous hockey team, The Forum and of course Montreal’s Expo 67. What memories! A reunion online……..
I posted a note asking how many former Montrealers are now living in Israel. I am happy to report that there are a large contingent of us living all over the country from the North to the South and everywhere in-between. Some have been here 30 plus years.  

Moetzi Shabbat [Saturday night] Avraham and I showed our son, who was born in Ontario in the 80’s, our life as kids and he was fascinated and really taken back. Eli-Chaim said to me, "your life growing up was much easier than when he was a teenager or teens today. Life was so much simpler then. Kids were kids. There wasn’t the pressure that kids have today." I had to agree with him. 
Thank-you Phyllis for sending me the e-mail.You made my day!
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Barry said...

Miriam that blog is beautiful and deeply touching!! I'm quite humbled here......thanks so kindly and so appreciative here! There is such a great group of MM members in Israel!! :-)

Phyllis said...

Hi Miriam,

Yes, it was a great posting with many memories. I received many a thank yous of people who are out of town and were so happy to reminisce.
Those were definitely the good old days.

Manya said...

Thank you Miriam for giving me the minute to remember Montreal. Every time it rains here, I hope it would turn to that nice white fluffy stuff we know as snow. But no such luck. We did have a nice major storm a few years ago. but then my husband and I were off in Kibbutz Lavi and for a tiyul, we were taken near the Golan to throw a few snowballs in all of a minute off the bus!
At least we don't have to shovel the cars out of the drifts here-everything stops as soon as the weatherman hints at snow! But that time, we did have to dig our car out from where we left it in town before going home.
We're part of that group here for 30+ years. But it's good to go back to clear my head from time to time, lessen the pressures, listen to CJAD live, (the latter I do on the computer) and visit family. But long gone are the heavy winter clothes.
Have a healthy winter.

Batya said...

Miriam, I chose to live in a yishuv partially to recreate the wonderful life I had in Bell Park Gardens, Bayside, Queens, NY all those decades ago.

Shmuel said...

Hi Miriam
I'm also an ex-Montrealer. Just celebrating 61 years since my alyiah.
24th of November 1950 or if you want it in Hebrew - 15th of Kislev 5711
I'm sure that there are some more senior Montrealers though.


Miriam said...

To Dov
I saw that you sent 3 comments. You signed your name once and the other two times you were anonymous.

Why did you post the same comment three times?

When I went to publish your comment, I was told by blogger that no comment existed.

Guess the computer monsters were playing games.