Friday, January 30, 2009


Where, Oh Where is the Rain?

The weatherman is reporting another rainy day. Better to take with an umbrella if you plan to go out. This forecast could be given almost anywhere in North America or Europe

In Israel the story is different. Everyday I listen to the weather forecast and all I hear is above normal temperatures, no rain expected for several more days.

The Kinneret is Israel's largest freshwater reservoir and the nation’s primary source of drinking water. The standard of measure currently stands more than 3.3 meters lower than its favorable level. Soon we will not be able to pump anymore water from the Kinneret.

I read that in the Kinneret, every drop of water ten centimeters in height represents 17 million cubic meters of water, or roughly 3.5 times Israel's national consumption. Only 60% of our usual rainfall has been recorded. In the Negev, where I live , it is very dry. There is not a drop of water to waste anywhere in the country.

The winter months and rainy season in Israel is from after Succot [October] until Purim [March]. For the past couple of years, Israel has not received enough rain.

Our rabbis organize prayers for rain. Many people, men, women and children daven at the Kotel. We pray and pray for rain. Although some rain has fallen, it’s not nearly enough.

I find it hard to understand. Israel is the home of the Jewish people. The land that Hashem promised to Avraham Avinu, so why is He denying us rain?

In my opinion, could it be that we don’t deserve the rain because we are not prepared to protect our country and not give any land away? We allow other nations to convince us that for the good of mankind and peace in the area, we need to give away our precious land.

One of the lessons that we learn in the second paragraph of Shema Yisroel [Deuteronomy 11-13-21], is that Hashem tells us
that if we keep His commandments, He will provide rain for our land in the proper time, the early rain and the late rain so that we can gather our grain, wine and oil. But if we go astray and follow other gods [the world] then the Heaven will be restrained and there will be no rain and the fields will be dry.

Our governments, past and present, have not been strong enough to say no to the world..this arrangement is not in Israel’s best interest. We want the world to love us. We want and need that pat on the back and the Noble Peace Prize.

Hopefully, Moshiach will come soon and save us from us.

I would like to end my thoughts with this poem that I wrote a year ago, pleading with Hashem to grant us rain.

The Rain

The wind is blowing
The sky is dark.
It looks like rain.

Anxiously, we wait
for the rain is needed.
The ground is dry.
The trees hang over
desperately wanting to drink.

The sun is shining brightly
fire burns the grass and fields.
Our precious land is being destroyed.
Oh rain, where are you?

We pray for rain
We need to be granted this Bracha
Hashem, are You listening?
Oh rain, where are you?

The dark sky lights up with lightning.
The quiet is broken from thunder.
It’s raining, it’s raining, it’s raining!

Baruch Hashem, our prayers have been answered.
May we be granted a plentiful rainy season.

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Chaya said...

Nice blog! I agree with your evaluation of why we have not had rain. I was thinking the same thing. Another opinion is by Rabbi Lazer Brody. He believes we are not getting rain because we don't appreciate what we have... we don't say THANK YOU often enough for all the miracles and all the blessings. He said that “the war was full of miracles and each missile had another miraculous story attached to it.” But even with that, where do we read of miracles in the media? Nowhere! (other than the Rachel story which many people scoffed at). Whether he is correct or you and I are correct, the bottom line is... HaShem is trying to tell us something. Even the rain tonight feels to me like an 'angry' rain. Like HaShem is shouting at us. We don't respect the land, we don't respect the laws and we need to do tshuva. When are we (the Jewish People/the Israeli government) going to wake up?

As you said, may Moshiach come to save us SOON!

Shavua Tov,

rutimizrachi said...

Thank you for your prayer for rain, Miriam. I don't know why we haven't had enough rain. It it too big a question for me. But when the hail (as big as peas!) fell last night, and the rain continued today, I had hope that Tatte B'Shomayim is hearing the cries of His lost and confused children. Whether we think we know why or not, the main thing now is to turn to Him.

Phyllis said...

You are all waiting for the rain to come and I hope it happens very soon. We're waiting for the snow to stop. We are breaking a record since 1937 for the most snow since then and it's only going onto February 1st. We still have another two months and right now it's snowing including forecasts of snow the entire week. And, Montreal is even worse than has.

Thanks for sharing your blog - I thoroughly enjoy it.

Phyllis [from Toronto]

Alissa said...

Miriam, I think G-d heard your cries. Maybe now he's waiting for the rest of to cry, too.

Trudy said...